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Soldiers Kill 25 In Ngarbuh, Donga Mantung

Several sources have confirmed to CNA that Soldiers invaded Ngarbuh, a neighborhood in Ntumbaw , a village under Ndu subdivision, Donga Mantung Division and border village to Mbam in Bui Division, in the North West region, killing at least 25 civilians on Friday, February 14, 2020. They invaded the area around 6 am that fateful day, stormed the Palace and Church premises firing shots indiscriminately, set houses on fire, killing babies, pregnant women, and the elderly.

One pregnant woman who was shot later died in the hospital. The exact figures are not known as locals say they fear the death toll could rise from 25 and more.

“A man, I know so well who is called Seka was killed inside his house, including his 5 children and pregnant wife. They also killed a woman who is a neighbor and all her grandchildren. The killings are roughly around more than 20. They shot another boy and we are trying to get him to Nso land for treatment, it is an emergency” A source told CNA on phone.

Another source said that ” Presently, we have counted 22 dead bodies. These are the same people who were forced to vote at gunpoint in Ntumbaw last Sunday.”

The Soldiers were led by State-sponsored militias as they moved from house to house, shooting and burning.

Military presence in Ntumbaw came to the point of a red flag when they invaded the Palace last Sunday, February 9, 2020, during the local polls, forcing everyone to go out and vote. They have created a military control post around the Ntumbaw Palace.

Last month January 2020, the commander of the joint 5th military region, Brigadier General Nka Valere promised to eliminate Ambazonia Separatist fighters from the North West region. It is believed that on his command, Soldiers have been given full authority even with impunity to break into homes, shoot and kill in search of the fighters who are struggling to break away from the Republic of Cameroon and create a new state called Ambazonia. Soldier sent to fight the separatists have been accused of widespread atrocities meted on the civilian population.

There is no operation in the NW region without their knowledge. Commanders of the 5th Joint Military and Gendarmerie regions, Brigadier. General Nka Valere and Brigadier. General Nnoko Ekongwese

Image may contain: 2 people, possible text that says 'CNA ComeroonNewAency Cameroon News Agency (CNA) @CMRNewsAgency There is no operation in the NW region without their knowledge. Commanders of the 5th Joint Military and Gendarmerie regions Brig. General Nka Valere and Brig. General Nnoko Ekongwese. The blood of more than 22 civilians killed in Ngarbuh, on Feb 14,by soldiers is in their hands valera Nkan ALT 10:32 PM 14 Feb 20 Twitter for Android'

The ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, CPDM, is said to have won 100 percent in the Ndu subdivision in the local polls that took place on February 9, 2020.

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