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Exclusive: Testimonies From Ngarbuh About How Some Survivors Cheated Death By Hair’s Breadth, Plus Names of Victims, Survivors

Cameroon News Agency has been able to get to some survivors of the Ngarbuh massacre that took place on February 14, 2020, in Donga Mantung Division, North West region. Armed Mbororos, former Ambazonia combatants and 6 soldiers stormed the ears in search of Ambazonia separatists fighters but ended up killing the wrong target in what defense minister describes as collateral damage. In order to protect our sources, we decided to use only their first names.

Early that Friday morning, Oliver heard gunshots in a neighboring compound and immediately jumped out of bed half-naked and hid under coffee plants just by his house. A few seconds later, the death squad arrived, and he saw them set his house on fire. He had slept in his grass-thatched house alone, while his heavily pregnant wife slept with his mother and the rest of the family members in the other houses. As it was a warm night, Oliver was half-dressed. From his hiding place, he watched with horror the killing of his whole family. Nine were killed, some of them shot as they came out of the house. However, his sister was killed in bed while breastfeeding her child. The baby was shot on the elbow of her mother while hanging unto her mother’s breast. Oliver would come out from his hiding to see the corpses. The nursing mother’s legs were roasted.

The second experience was that of Yusufu. He had left his house early that morning (about 5:00 am) to go check on his livestock up the hills of Ngarbuh. He had not gone too far when gunshots broke the peace of the village. The shots were repeated over and over. He decided to hide in a nearby bush. He would later come back to find his pregnant wife and his father killed and completely roasted. The blood-stained compound testified to him that the victims were killed outside and thrown back into the house. This would later be confirmed by his 12-years old nephew who was an eyewitness. The boy recognized one of the Fulani men who came with the soldiers. He testifies that the soldiers killed his grandfather without a question. His 8-months pregnant aunt, however, was asked to produce the gun. She denied having a gun and was shot. They asked the boy a few questions and left, promising to come back during the day to collect the dead man’s cattle. They had earlier shot and killed their dog and goats. They went away with Yusufu’s motorcycle.  

The third experience was that of the two little children who were sent early that morning to deliver vegetables to a family in the opposite direction to the approaching armed men and Fulanis. They heard gunshots shortly after they left the house. They would later come back to see corpses of their siblings, some of them charred. One of the children fainted and was taken to the hospital at Banso. Only these two minors survived their entire family. 

These were the fortunate ones. They started their day early, just like many others, down that beautiful valley of Ngarbuh. The grace of breath was on their side. Others were not that fortunate. One such unfortunate cases was that of a teenage girl, who probably took the first bullet. Her bullet warned others to flee for their own lives. She too started her day early. Her morning chore was sweeping their compound. In the exercise, she heard footsteps coming in her direction. Looking up, she saw men in military fatigues. Instantly, the first shot, and the first bullet in Ngarbuh, brought her down.

Many more were soon to fall in the same way. Though it was still early morning, it was sunset in Ngarbuh. The valley of Ngarbuh has heart-rending testimonies, testimonies of life and death. Yet, the sun will one day rise on Ngarbuh never to set again. 

The Headmaster of government primary school, Ngarbuh 3, has made public names of deceased victims who were pupils in his institution’ their parents were also listed.

Sika Family, all 7 dead

Sika Ibrahim (father) 45 years old

Sika Assana(pregnant mother)

Sika Amsa- 9 years old, class 4

Sika Alima- 7 years old, class 3

Sika Yamsi- 6 years old, class 3

Sika Yasimiratou- 12 years old, class 6

Sika Soliatou- 5 years old, class 1

Kwecheri Gladys and 8 other victims in her family, all dead

Kwecheri Gladys

Shey Diana- 15 years old, class 6

Shey Midian – 13 years, old class 6

Shey Jude- 9 years old, class 3

Shey Tracy- 5 years old, class 1

Shey Cynthia- 6 years old class 2

Mary Angel- 4 years old, Government nursery school

Berinyuy -5 months old

Janet Ya’a- 45 years old

Family Of Pa Abdulai Sunjo

Pa Abdulai Sunjo- 80 years old

Muamshatu- 30 years old

Family Of Pa Alidu Bah

Pa Alidu Bah- 75 years old.

Kinyui, female- 60 years old

Mubela, female- 7 years old.


  1. Shuka, female, 30 years old: (pregnant at now at Banso Baptist Hospital. She lost the pregnancy).
  2. Justine, male, 18 years old.

Children Who Survived The Carnage 

Family Of Sika

  1. Shakira, female, 12 years old
  2. Usani, male, 9 years old
  3. Gambo, male, 6 years old

Family Of Kwecheri Gladys

  1. Ringnule, male, 43 years old

Total Number Of People Killed 23 as of Saturday, February 15, 2020

  1. Killed and roasted, 14
  2. Killed but not roasted, 9
  3. Wounded 2

Total Number Of Children Killed: 14

  1. boys, 3
  2. Girls, 11

Total Number Of Adults Killed

  1. Men, 3
  2. Women, 4, including 1 pregnant woman.

A House Razed At Upper Ngar (Ngarbuh 2)

  1. Houses razed, 13
  2. Number of neighborhoods displaced, 4( Ngarbuh, Buh, Fiiru, Mbam)

The death toll later increased from Saturday. Cameroon News Agency informants said 32 people died. This figure was later corroborated by the Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa, CHRDA, of Barrister Agbor Felix, while the Network for Human Rights Defenders in Central Africa, REDHAC said 36 people died in the killings.


On Friday, February 14, 2020, while we are still in tears in the suffering of the electoral sham of the double ballot of last February 9 and the implementation of the proposals of the great national dialogue, at least 36 people were coldly murdered by the security forces in the locality of Ngarbuh, department of Ndonga Mantum in the North-West region, one of the epicenters of the sociopolitical crisis that has been undermining Cameroon for almost 5 years. More than half of the victims are children and young people, women and pregnant women. REDHAC continues to document the victims, but already 12 people (Papa Awudu, Sikah, Alidou Bah, Kinuyui, Ringyu, Mami Suley, Ngong Hassana (pregnant woman), Papa Abdul Sunjo, Justin…, and the Manjo SEKA family who would have lost 9 members of his family including an 08-month-old baby.

The opportunity of this exchange allows us to reiterate and renew all our support and solidarity to all these families and all the people of NOSO who are going through the most difficult times. This compassion is also addressed to the traditional leaders of the NOSO who are accompanying us in the organization of inter-community dialogues, so one of the objectives is to sow the seeds of true reconciliation for the pacification of the country. For REDHAC, the press releases of 17 February 2020, N°0104/CRP/MINDEF019 signed by Captain de Fregate ATONFACK GUEMO, Head of Communication Division of the Ministry of Defence and N°1155/CRP/MINDEF/01 of the Minister Delegate to the Presidency in charge of Defence Mr. BETI ASSOMO Joseph, although arriving very late, show a total confession. Also, REDHAC deplores the fact that at no time in these communiqués, no condolences have been addressed to the families who have been sorely tried. This attitude of the high command in charge of protecting the citizens is purely inhuman.

CNA- WhatsApp: 679 700 696

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