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Cameroon: UN Calls For Investigations Into Killing Of Dozens In Ngarbuh, NW Region

The UN has called for an investigation to be opened into the burning of dozens of villagers including 15 children in the Ngarbuh village, Donga Mantung division in the northwest region.

The representative of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Rupert Colville said on Tuesday, February 18, 2020, that their colleagues at UN Cameroon, said, ” “some 40 armed men, including members of the security and defense forces, attacked the village of Ngarbuh, in the department of Donga Mantung in North-West Cameroon, opening fire on people and burning down houses”

“According to information from UN colleagues on the ground, among the 23 people killed were 15 children, nine of whom were under the age of five. The victims also included two pregnant women, one of whom died of her injuries in hospital” the UN states, adding that we urge the authorities to ensure that the investigation is independent, impartial and thorough and that those responsible are held fully to account”.

The government said on Monday that five people died in the fight between government forces and separatist fighters, describing it as collateral damage.

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