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Wilfred Tassang Urges Ambazonia Separatist Leaders To Speak One Language On Dialogue Table

By Nfor Hanson Nchanji

One of the detained members of the “Nera 10”, Wilfred Tassang, considered as the spiritual Godfather of the Ambazonia revolution in Southern Cameroons, has enjoined all group leaders fighting for the course to unite and form a strong negotiation team ready to present a blueprint file for their independence from the Republic of Cameroon.

In a message attributed to the member of the Executive of the Separatist movement baptized and named the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, Wilfred Tassang said Ambazonians should forget about the existence of the leaders imprisoned in Yaounde and take a bold step towards unifying for the common good of the people.

“Our leaders must unite. I truly hope that what we now see staring at us is genuine; talks, dialogue, negotiations. We, I mean you, our leaders, can not afford to continue this journey in disarray. No. I, therefore, call on the Ambazonian people to mount ever more pressure on the free leadership to put their act together ahead of this eventuality. Any other wisdom that stands against unity stands against Ambazonia and her quest. Without exception, unite. Make our imprisonment, our displacements, and our wilderness experience easier by uniting your feeble bands.” He said in a tear provoking message.

Deacon Tassang added that the Government of Cameroon may want to weaken the negotiation process by holding the 10 leaders firm in jail, but this should not deter the determination of the people, “My dear people, we, as well as the multitude of our people held in captivity in this Babylon, would rather be out there with you, facing the throes of battle and joining you to mount pressure on the international community towards hastening statehood restoration. However, I would, we rather didn’t come out if doing so would compromise the earnest and righteous quest of our people. In the event where Yaounde decides to hold us as hostages in a bid to weaken the hands of the free leadership around the negotiation table, my appeal to our people and to Ambazonia’s negotiation party is this: consider the Nera10 as dead. Negotiate as though you were seeking retribution for the more than 30,000 wasted Amba souls. Go for La Republique’s balls (excuse my French). We all (Nera10) put together, are not any more deserving of Ambazonia than angel Martha, most brutally butchered in babyhood by the evil from Yaounde.”

The leaders led by Sisiku Ayuktabe were abducted in Nigeria on January 5, 2018, and brought to Cameroon illegally. Most are Asylum seekers or were in the process. The Nigerian Federal High Court ruled in favor of the repatriation of the leader to Nigeria but the Nigerian government has remained mute.

On June 27, 2019, the Swiss government announced that she has been given the mandate to mediate between the Republic of Cameroon and the Separatratist fighters. The Swiss-based International NGO, the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, HD, is also implicated in the dialogue process.

Though dialogue has not begun, a majority of the Separatist leaders have met twice in Switzerland for pre-talks ahead of a possible dialogue without preconditions.

The UN, US, EU, Canada are in support of the Swiss-led dialogue.

Wilfred Tassang’s outing seems to be an indirect appeal to those still dragging their legs, to join the talks.

The Government of Cameroon is yet to comment on the matter, though newspaper reports hold that, secret agents have been taking down notes on the strength and weaknesses of those leaders who took part in the pre-talks.

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