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Who Placed A Curse On 237 Entertainment Industry?

The Bag Series build-up to the discovery Show Concert 2nd edition, an excellent initiative to bring together and empower women/ladies through music being characterized by high-level unprofessionalism. (Pride, disrespect, etc.) We need not be told that any initiative that has women in it becomes very sensitive to the general public and a call for attention. It is left for organizers and the stakeholders involve to harness this sensitivity and attention so as to convert it to real revenue for the greater success of the event which is the satisfaction of participatory stakeholders.

An event of such magnitude even with two months could have had a 110% success rate taking realities on the ground first and those online second.

The event had at most four ways of raising revenue (10MCFA)

  1. The first important source of revenue was high-level robust lobbying and appeal for support from key stakeholders dealing with women issues by tailoring the letters to also appear in demonstrating how the initiative helps the courses of these key stakeholders win-win. Don’t think lobbying is easy it takes who has the charisma, intellect, connection, and style to be able to pull the results. Below are some of the KS that could have been targeted and lobbied at least 200 of them.

a. All women empowered advocate institutions.
b. All women empowerment advocate individuals and feminists
c. UN factions in Cameroon especially those with direct woman empowerment agendas
d. All MPs and Senators
e. All Ministers especially those led by woman and strictly concerned with women issues
f. Directors and CEOs of Multinationals
g. Directors and CEOs of local business, SMEs
h. Influential sport persons
i. All A-list entertainers in Cameroon
j. All Cameroonian social media space influencers
K. All Diasporans that support initiatives with positive energy
l. Some external gloabl entertainers.
m. Radio and TV personalities
n. Etc.

  1. Secondary sponsors who are dynamic/flexible to jump and exploit the audience of such initiative without going through the robust bureaucratic Management style for approval. E.g Eternal Company
  2. Crowdfunding: The message of bringing together and empowering women through music in an unstable political atmosphere is key (empathy and sympathy) through the use of leeches, PayPal and mobile money for the event crowdfunding could have been the 3rd source of revenue.
  3. Sales of tickets: This should have been the last and supplementary source of revenue if the first 3 were planned and executed well. Using artists to sell tickets it’s good so as to tap into their networks and sphere of influence but the tone and the respect for them matters more be it A, B, C-list Artists.

Montess, Gasha, Mel B, etc deserved much respect for being on the flyer and it is a NO-NO that at any point in time, they should feel disrespected by other participatory stakeholders.

We need to define and respect lanes. As an event organizer being the center of focus in events is not a priority, the attention should be pushed to the artists, you are a celebrity in your own category for helping them be successful in the spotlight.

Being a supporter of entertainment, I was already being an admirer of the main initiator of the whole event, but at times we need to chill and call a spade a spade, being at the middle of almost every controversy time and again becomes monotonous and boring, surrounded again by a social media finger happy partner makes matters worst. Who does that, was that type of communication necessary just immediately post-event, even if it was directed to who? Must he be at the center of everything around you which is negative..NO? we have celebrity couples all over and they still manage to decipher between business and emotions. It’s high time you get a PR not emotionally attached to you.

We didn’t even need to see or know your private conversations with the participatory stakeholders because in planning and organizing behind the scenes sh*t and dirt always happen but with the end goal being a success. Now we know how an artist feels about their poor fans living in Bonaberi (that hurts). This has also opened cracks for your enemies to come back at your things which were unnecessary.

For a country where 3/4 of the population still lives below the poverty line that is, consumes less $1.25 dollars (UN and World bank stats), struggling with basics like food, clothing, shelter, health, etc. Entertainment is still not a priority. The few willing, capable and able to afford and show up need to be treated well.

Also, for whatever reason, an event of such nature and magnitude, should not have been held parallel with other events especially one that Jovi is headlining forcing the already small potential market segment to make a choice. (Douala traffic and insecurity were also impediments for fans to shuttle between events)

N.B. Let’s not be carried away from objectivity. The event was not a regular Discovery Show initiative and so required different modalities to manage it. To refer the participatory stakeholders who some were not initially part of the bag series but, wanted to come in and spice the event in good faith to the same rules and modalities as well as grouped everyone under the same norms was already red light. We can be flexible and do things even much better. Who pays for legal damages especially if fans who bought tickets to see those who never turned up want a refund. ?

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