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REDHAC Condemns Killing Of UN Aid Worker, Blames Gov’t For Escalation Of Violence

The Human Rights Defenders Network in Central Africa (REDHAC) says it was dismayed to learn fo the kidnapping and murder of human rights defender Pascal Ngwanyi of the NGO (Cominsud), United Nations Community Initiative for Sustainable Development partner for the program of assistance to internally displaced persons and other victims of the socio-political crisis in the South-West and North-West regions of Cameroon.

While condemning the act, REDHAC holds the government responsible for the deterioration of the situation in the regions of the North-West and South-West characterized by the violations of human rights and serious human rights crimes committed by separatists and security forces, as well as threats and repressions against human rights defenders.

A statement signed by the President, Maximillienne Ngo Mbe, reads, “From reliable sources, human rights defender Pascal Ngwanyi, was abducted on 30 November 2019, in Donga Mantung, Bamenda North-West and murdered at night by persons not yet identified while he was doing his job of ensuring that internally displaced persons and other victims in need were effectively receiving opportune and appropriate support. The Human Rights Defenders Network in Central Africa (REDHAC) deeply saddened, STRONGLY CONDEMNS the abduction, sequestration and summary execution of human rights defender Pascal Ngwanyi.”

CNA gathered that Soldiers and Vigilante groups created by pro-government have been moving from one village to another in search of Ambazonia fighters but along the line of duty, they have stepped on many toes, looted and killed. “The issue is very sad. Just to add that the military guys with the Vigilante have been looting small shops along the Wat road. I hear they are over-demanding from their benefactor who invited them to Tabenken. They started going after shops in Tabenken but he pleaded on them not to loot in Tabenken. So they going to those neighborhoods is mainly to steal food and goats.” A local said.

“GHS Tabenken was recently transformed into a military camp. These military accompanied by some boys of Vigilante have been terrorizing neighboring villages of Wat, Chup, Mbejah , Ngi, Bongom, etc looking for Amba boys. This operation has led to killing of some civilians suspected to be in support of the struggle. In one of their operations in Wat, a certain Ngwayi Pascal who happened to have been in Wat was taken away only to be discovered dead the following morning.” The source added.

REDHAC has urged the government to investigate the incident and bring the culprit to face justice.

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