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Spanish La Liga Agrees A Deal With Cameroon Professional Football League

Douala,Cameroon-Thursday March 15, 2018- 11:00 AM Local Time (Cameroon News Agency) The General Pierre Semengue led Generation of Cameroon professional football league (LFPC) reached another landmark Wednesday March 14, by signing a partnership agreement with Spanish La Liga boss Javier Tebas. It was just after midday on Monday that LFPC official website reported that the body had reached an agreement with their Spanish counterparts.
The partnership  aimed at developing football in Cameroon was made public on Monday at the headquarters of the Spanish institution with the Spanish Professional Football League(La Liga)boss Javier Tebas, LFPC boss General Pierre Semengue, La Liga Director of International Development Oscar Mayo,La Liga delegate in Cameroon Javier Morente, LFPC Secretary General Mme Paulene Manguelle and Vice president Faustin Domkeu all present.
The agreement will also see La Liga benefit from local knowledge about Cameroon football, more visibility in Cameroon and the behavior of Cameroon football fans.
La Liga has a long history with Cameroonians with Thomas Nkono,Geremi Njitap and Samuel Etoo all enjoying a successful spell in the league.A
Knowledge of Cameroon football is crucial to Spanish football as Cameroon is one of the countries considered strategic for the international development of La Liga.
Cameroon is within the La Liga Global Network project therefore Understanding the local reality will enable La Liga to generate relevant content and reinforce its commitment to fans.
After signing the agreement,La Liga president Javier Tebas said,
“Cameroon has long been an important source of talent for LaLiga, we have had and we have great Cameroonian players. Thanks to this agreement, we wish to continue to consolidate this good relationship in the field of sports management. This type of collaboration and knowledge exchange with the local league is extremely important to us, “
“I am very satisfied with this collaboration that will allow our league to continue its development and professionalization. In addition, it is an honor to sign this agreement with one of the most important leagues internationally.
The Cameroon league expects a multi disciplinary support from La Liga, “said Pierre Semengue, president of the LFPC, concerning this agreement.
This agreement will allow the LFPC to continue to advance in the professionalization of football in Cameroon, at a key moment for the national football sector, as the country will host the African Cup of Nations in 2019. The organization of the event and subsequent asset management, such as new stadiums and better infrastructure, are key issues to confirm the professionalisation of the sector.
This agreement joins other international agreements between La Liga and various leagues and federations, such as those signed with SAFA, the South African football federation, the league of Colombia or the league of Malaysia, among others, thus showing the firm La Liga’s commitment to collaboration with local institutions and the professionalization of football at the international level.
From Apejes of Mfou to Avion Nkam through Bamboutos or YOSA of Bamenda it is obviously a welcome development.
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