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SOS: Landslide Kills 4 Displaces 30 More In Upper Nkongho

At least four persons have died and more than 30 displaced as a result of a recent landslide in Upper Nkongho clan, Nguti Sub Division, South West Region of Cameroon.

CNA has contacted more than 4 sources to confirm the story.

Reports reaching us say it was caused by heavy rains, rumbling grounds and thunderstorm.

According to the Member of Parliament for Nguti Subdivision Honourable Chief Dr Julius Fonge, 3 persons have been buried alive by mud at Lebock village and another carried away by a river during the landslides of August 21 and 23, 2020 in Upper Nkongho.

He also adds that all-electric poles have been destroyed, water catchments covered, homes destroyed and inhabitants left homeless at the village.
“We are looking for ways of taking care of displaced persons.
We are calling on the government, international organizations to come to the relief of these persons. Displaced persons are housed at Primary School Lebock, Njungo and Catholic Primary school Mbetta” the MP added.

Another source who is a native from Njungo village, Gaston Che told CNA this is not the first time such a disaster is taking place in his clan. “The first one which was a rock slide happened last year at Mbetta. It destroyed our houses, bridges, killed people and nothing was done. We were left to ourselves without aid from the government or any organization. We rebuilt our bridges and small houses not knowing this will happen again so soon ” Gaston lamented.

The horrible videos and pictures of this incident have been circulating on Social media.

More information from Hon. Julius Fonge reveal gullies as wide as 40-50 metres have been created in the middle of most roads, mud has piled up to the height of 25-30 metres”

All these have rendered circulation impossible for vehicles and bikes. Villagers have to create new footpaths into the bushes for safe passage.

The people of Upper Nkongho need humanitarian intervention.

Contact 67773070 Hon. Fonge Julius, Coordinator of the Upper Nkongho Mbo Disaster Committee.

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