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Soldiers Kill 4 In Fuh, Arrest 3 In Orti

At least 4 unarmed civilians have been killed in Fuh, a village under Ndu Subdivision, Donga Mantung division.

The sub chief of Fuh village, FAI NGAH NTU, was shot dead by Soldiers on Monday April 8, 2019. He was accused of providing ‘charms’ to Ambazonia separatist fighters. This amounts to 4 persons now killed in Fuh. Soldiers had previously shot at close range two boys while one woman died out of shock.

Earlier some Fulanis in Orti ( Mbongong) helped Soldiers to arrest some Ambazonia fighters. Others were killed in a battle while three have been taken to Nkambe.

Dozens who fled from their houses have returned and found empty lands, houses have been ravaged by flames set up by soldiers.

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