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Separatist Flag Raised In Buea, Celebration In Lebialem, Others

Separatist fighters in Lebialem Division, southwest region, under their Commander popularly called General Ayekeh, have commemorated October 1, the day former British Trust territory, Southern Cameroons got independence.

In a video that was circulated on Social Media, a commentator is heard praising the Commander and his troops as they arrive the ceremonial ground under light rainfall.

Amba Commander Ayekeh arriving ceremonial ground

Early October 1, 2020, another video was circulated showing fireworks as Ambazonia fighters brightened the dark skies with shooting stars, shouting “AMF Ground Zero, Happy Independence Day”. The Ambazonia Military Force is a platform of fighters combatting Cameroon security forces.

Ambazonia fighters manipulate security intelligence to raise a flag in an uncompleted building in Check Point Buea on October 1, 2020. October 1, a date Southern Cameroons got independence and voted to join La Republique Du Cameroun, has become highly controversial as government prohibits anyone from remembering the day.

In Kumba, Meme Division of the southwest region, streets were empty and markets deserted. CNA correspondent says there was tight security and almost everyone remained indoors while several others travelled for safety.

In 2017, Separatist leader in jail, Sisiki Azuktabe restored the independence by declaring on October 1, that they are now a Separate State called Ambazonia. Since then and for the fourth time, Separatists fighters have been parading every October 1, in commemoration of the restoration.

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