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Samuel Eto’o Becomes Ambassador Of Special UCB Pamplemousse


Douala, Cameroon-Saturday December 30, 2017-10:00 AM Local Time (Cameroon News Agency) African player of all times, with 16 goals and Cameroonian born Samuel Eto’o who plays for Turkeys ANTALYA SPORT, has signed a special contract with Union Camerounaise De Brasseries, UCB,  to become the special Ambassador of the brand, Special Pamplemousse, the most celebrated beverage of the Company.

The pen was appended on paper to seal the deal in a grandiose Press Conference organized at Sawa Hotel in Douala Friday December 29, 2017.

The General Manager of UCB, Adjewole Adebayo said having Samuel Eto’o as brand Ambassador for Special Pamplemousse, was an honor for them because their wish is to take the beverage to a different level.  He said “ It was quality without compromise, a reunion between Samuel Eto’o and UCB, because he, Samuel was born by the UCB family, when he played with Kadji Sport Academy in his younger days. Today Special Pamplemousse has stood the test of time, not comparable to any brand of its kind and we believe that with Samuel Eto’o, we will continue to celebrate excellence, by using excellence.”

Samuel Eto’ Signing Left as Manager looks on-General Manager of UCB, Adjewole Adebayo signing Right

After signing the historic partnership to become the brand Ambassador of Cameroons best selling Pamplemousse, Special Pamplemousse; the former Captain of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon, Samuel Eto’o said, “ I was born here, I have become what I am today because of this special family. Thanks for all they did, all the values they gave me. Kadji Sport Academy, KSA, was not what it is today but we did our best. I wanted to become an exceptional footballer and proof to all African footballers that where you come from doesn’t matter but the quality of what you do. Today, I am back in the house and I want to say thank you to UCB, I hope I will be able to carry the huge task of becoming the ambassador.”

Asked whether Samuel Eto’o was not after the economic benefits of the partnership, he said that cannot be ignored but insisted that he did not put that in his mind first. He told reporters that he was just eager to serve UCB because what they did for him in his younger days with KSA is unimaginable.

“When I was just a kid wondering in Newbell, KSA saw me, they picked me up and paid all expenses, I am grateful.” He concluded.

The partnership’s expiry date according to management remains undetermined and it was announced that special program will be organized in the days ahead to inform the public the good news.

Since 1972, UCB has stood the test of time remaining Cameroons best selling beverage with Special Pamplemousse produced in five different formats including breakable bottles and plastic namely: 0.65 L and 0.33L in breakable bottles and 1.5L, 0. 5L, 0.33L in plastic bottles.

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