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Paul Biya Hurriedly Sends Congratulatory Message To Buhari After Federal Court Order on Ambazonia Leaders

By Nfor Hanson Nchanji

President Paul Biya of Cameroon has sent a message of congratulations to his Nigerian counterpart, incumbent Mohammadu Buhari whose was recently declared by the country’s electoral commission, winner of the 2019 Presidential elections. The message of Mr Biya was sent at about 10: 52 PM on Friday, few hours after the Federal High Court in Abuja, demanded the Nigerian government to bring back Ambazonia leaders abducted on January 5, 2018 in Abuja and taken to Cameroon.

In the message, President Paul Biya described Buhari as his “brother” and went further to say that he wish they continue to work in collaboration as before.

“President Buhari and dear brother, I would like to convey my sincere congratulations following your brilliant re-election. I look forward to working with you to strengthen the constant and excellent relations between #Cameroon & #Nigeria.” A Facebook post read.

On Friday , March 1, 2019, the Nigeria Federal High Court ruled in favor of abducted Ambazonia leaders, calling on the Nigerian Government to bring them back.

The Court said their rights were violated and that they should be compensated with the sum of 5M Naira each.

The Court also ruled in favor of some 57 persons illegally deported to Cameroon and asked that they be compensated with 200K Naira each.

This comes few days after Mohammadu Buhari was voted for the second time.

The man who praised Nigeria’s democracy must now be ready to demonstrate good democratic principles by respecting the ruling of the High Court.

Ambazonia leaders, Sisiku Ayuktabe and 9 others were kidnapped at the Nera hotel in Abuja, Nigeria by Nigerian secret service in complicity with Cameroon. They were later illegally repatriated to Cameroon against their refugee status, lawyers have argued.

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