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Nguti Elites Donate Relief Material To Victims Of Upper Mbo Landslide

By Nadesh E.

Amidst heavy rains, sunshine and bumpy roads, elites from Nguti Subdivision under the umbrella of RAINBOW platform have travelled to Ngwatta over the weekend to donate gifts to victims of the Upper Mbo landslide. `

The August 21, 2020 landslide in Upper Nkongho, Lower Nkongho and Lower Mbo has been one of the most devastating natural disasters this 2020 in Cameroon. Not only has it taken lives, the suffering people of the Mbo hinterland have lost their homes and farmlands to mud, they have been left with no source of water nor electricity but blocked roads.

It is against this backdrop that the Director-General of Hydrocarbons Prices Stabilization Fund popularly known by its French acronym CSPH who is also an elite from Nguti Subdivision, Ndoh Johnson Okie joined hands with the Rainbow initiative to gift the suffering people hit by the crisis.

Rainbow is an initiative of CPDM militants from Nguti Subdivision to foster solidarity, peace and love of the subdivision and its people.

According to the representative of the Director-General of CSPH, his Personal Assistant, Etuba Kelvin, the donations from Ndoh Johnson is his own way of showing concern for his people who have been befallen by the disaster. It was revealed that he sent the sum of 3million francs for the purchase of food items and envelopes for specific tasks to be completed.

The chairman of the Rainbow initiative, Ajang Evaristus on the other hand told the over 300 victims present at the community hall in Ngwatta that the Rainbow members raised 300,000 FRS to add to what Mr Okie had donated.

Donations made to the victims

Of the 3.3million francs that was contributed by members of the Rainbow initiative and the Director-General of CSPH,

  1. 66 bags of rice were handed to the 11 villages of the Upper and Lower Nkongho and Lower Mbo, namely; Etawang, Njungo, Ngientu, Nzeletted, Mbemfe, Lebe, Lebock, Fonki, Dinte, Mbetta and Lekwe.
  2. FCFA 200,000 was given to Upper Nkongho for road reconstruction
  3. FCFA 200,000 to Lower Nkongho for road reconstruction
  4. FCFA 100,000 each to families who lost their relatives to the landslide
  5. FCFA 50,000 each to 20 persons whose houses were destroyed by the landslide.

Are donations enough solution to the problem?

A careful thought about the recent donations to the landslide victims by the government, organizations and groups have provoked many to ask if the solution ends at the level of donations. The recent donations are temporary to take care of pressing and not long term needs.

At Ngwatta, the Divisional Officer for Nguti Subdivision, Etengeneng Oben and Honourable Fonge Julius revealed underground work have been going on to resettle the affected population to a suitable area. The continuous occurrence of landslide in the area is an indication that there is a need for relocation.

The D.O confirmed 3 landslides have happened in the area, 1973, 2017 and 2020. Those living at the hillsides will have to move to areas of level land. Though the decision may be discomforting, the Hon. Fonge has pleaded with landowners around the level areas of the villages to consider giving outlands to their brothers for free.

Recipients’ reactions to the donations.

Recipients left the scene happy and full of hope as they were assured of more help to come. Fonsah Charles Lwanga of Lower Nkongho says he feels excited knowing there are people somewhere who care about their wellbeing. “The gesture by the DG and Rainbow is an indication that we are not in this alone. We have people who have our backs…” he told CNA reporter sent on special assignment.

Sub chief Fotabong Joseph of Ngientu village appreciates the kind gestures but says others can support by sending caterpillars to reopen the blocked roads so that movements can resume unperturbed.

Victims remain open for help from anyone wishing to assist. You can reach the Coordinator of the Upper Nkongho Mbo Disaster Committee, Hon. Julius Fonge via 237 677 730 707.

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