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Gov’t To Use Anti Terrorism Law On Opposition Protesters

Panic-stricken Cameroon Government after failing to intimidate organisers of a September 22, 2020 uprising, has resorted to the 2014 law on anti-terrorism. Spokesman, Communication Minister Rene Sadi, has said in a statement late Tuesday, that any unauthorised event will be dealt with according to the law. This is the same law they used on Anglophone protesters in 2016, 2017 and present.

Gov’t communique

This statement comes after the main organiser, leader of the MRC party, Maurice Kamto ignored bans from regional governors, by given instructions on what protesters should do.

They want Paul Biya to leave power and Tuesday September 22, is the day of reckoning.

The Government says any protest that is calling for the departure of a “democratically elected President”, is an insurrection.

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