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Ngarbuh Massacre: Youth Leader Petitions Donga Mantung MPs

A Former University of Buea Student Union, UBSU, President and Youth Advocate, Tata Kwawi Mbinglo, has petitioned Members of Parliament from Donga Mantung Division in the northwest region, demanding that justice takes its course on civilians who died on February 14, 2020, in Ngarbuh, Ndu subdivision. By justice he means, sentencing to life imprisonment all those involved in the massacre, compensating the victims among others. The petition comes hours after the government admitted on Tuesday April 21, 2020, that soldiers and militias were responsible for the killing of children and women.


Dear Hons. Gerard Ngala/Naomi M,


After a period of two months, that the Cameroon government promised us, findings into the Ngarbuh massacre, we are shocked to know that, the act was carried out by the military and a vigilante group as alleged by civil societies and eye witnesses.

We also learned with great dismey that the military perpetrated these inhumane acts and the government has taken responsibility for their actions.

We, as the concerned people and youths from Donga Mantung, very disgruntled by this quagmire have decided to speak on behalf of the voiceless and demand Justice for them.

As our elected representatives and fully aware of the ongoing parliamentary session, we bring to you the following demands from us the youth and representatives of these voiceless victims of Ngarbuh as a partial compensation to the unbearable pain inflicted on us by the said military and vigilante group.

-All those involved be sentenced to life in prison.

-A compensation of FCFA 100million be handed to each victimized family.

-The Ndu tea estate be handed back to the people of Ndu as their due rights.

-A resettlement home be constructed by the government for all the families involved.

-All those who denied and covered up the massacre be arrested and sentenced to at least 2 years in prison.

-All roads be tarred and a schools created in Ngarbuh for free education of all kids in Ngarbuh.

I call on all the youths from Donga Mantung division to join their voices lets get justice for our people.

Tata Kwawi Mbinglo

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