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Military Commanders Scared Of War Crimes?

Spates of military attacks on civilians in the North West and southwest regions have damaged the reputation of the Cameroon military. Locals have testified that whenever soldiers visit a village, they must run for their safety because they are often accused of collaborating with Ambazonia separatist fighters. The image of Soldiers sent to the war zone has been dragged into the mud by themselves.

Mass Exodus to other towns from Bamenda now seems to be an embarrassment to the forces sent to secure the lives and properties of individuals who pay the soldiers through taxes.

In a bit to clean their image, the commanders of the 5th Joint military and gendarmeries regions, Brigadier general Nka Valere and Brigadier General Nnoko Ekongwese, respectively, have assured the people of the North West region that the military is there to maintain peace, hence they can forward any complaints to them. “The defense and security forces are friends of the people,” They said.

Under their command, more than 50 houses, affecting 1000 people were set on fire in Bali Nyonga, Mezam Division. They also ordered the burning of houses and civilians in Mbiame , Bui division, not leaving out over 300 houses brought down by Soldiers in Bum subdivision, killing at least 13 civilians, all in the month of January 2020.

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