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Massacre In Kumba School: What CNA Knows

Unlike the Ngarbuh massacre in Donga Mantung 2020 where villagers could easily identify perpetrators, some former Amba fighters accompanying Government forces, the perpetrators of the Kumba school shooting have remained unknown gunmen, described by witnesses as ‘men heavily armed, looking furious as they asked questions’. A witness who begged not to be named told CNA, that the victims were students of forms One and Two at Mother Francisca International Memorial Bilingual College in Fiango, Kumba. “They came with guns and machetes. At the time the teachers present saw them, they ran away. Some of the students succeeded to run but others left behind were shot and butchered” a witness said in a chat with CNA newsroom.

Another person who had first information from surrounding residents said, “I hear the teacher escaped when he saw them coming knowing that they were coming for him.”

“We all saw the armed men alight from motorbikes holding guns and moving around asking where schools were opened. We thought it was just their normal activities as we are used to seeing men with guns pass by, well I hardly talk to them because you never can know who you are talking with. We were still around when we saw school children fleeing for safety- this came after a short interval of gunshots.” A witness narrates to CNA.

Early Sunday October 25, 2020, the death toll rose to seven as 12-year-old Renny Ngwane, succumbed to bullet wounds. More than 12 others are still battling for their lives.

Government and Ambazonia Separatist leaders blame each other for the attack. While the Separatists call for an international fact-finding mission, the Prime Minister has said the ministry of defense will be making a fact-finding mission while an inter-ministerial delegation will be sent to Kumba.

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