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Massacre In Kumba School: How The Political Class Reacted

Five main political figures who were candidates in the 2018 Presidential elections in Cameroon have condemned the attack in a Kumba school on Saturday October 24, 2020, leaving over half a dozen dead. Hon. Joshua Osih of the SDF says it is impossible for effective school resumption under the present circumstances, Hon. Cabral Libii of PCRN indicts Ambazonia fighters saying that the State will never bow, Former Bar President Akere Muna of Now Movement holds that Cameroonians are slowly losing their humanity, Serge Espoir Matomba of PURS says that culprits must be punished, Maurice Kamto of the CRM party questions when negotiation will begin for calm to return.

“At least six children massacred and a dozen wounded in the attack on a school in Kumba. Absolute horror. My grief is boundless. I condemn this odious act with the utmost energy. How many more deaths are needed to initiate a negotiated political solution to bring peace to the NOSO?”

Maurice Kamto, Chairman Cameroon Renaissance Movement

“Stop the massacre of children in Kumba!” Another unbearable drama. Let us reject the trivialization of violence. No excuse and no forgiveness for the culprits. They must be punished ”.

Serge Espoir Matomba, First National Secretary PURS

“You have to be particularly inhuman, narcissistic and insane to think that coldly killing students can rally the international community to a cause. You have to be desperately mad to think that the state can falter, that a country’s institutions can stop functioning because terrorists sow horror. The state must face up to its responsibilities with a firmness to the measure of horror. May those who legitimately carry the Anglophone demands distance themselves physically and morally from animal life! No! No! And no!

Hon Cabral Libii, National President Cameroon Party for National Reconciliation, PCRN

Unimaginable and unacceptable! What happened in Kumba should wake us all up. What barbaric instinct can push anyone to go to a school and randomly fire at kids, killing some? Is this who we have become? Numbed by savagery and mayhem we are slowly losing our humanity. To the mothers who are stuck with lifeless bodies and all those families forced into mourning, we offer our condolences and our prayers. Suffering and mourning has to stop being a lot of some citizens only.

Barrister Akere Muna, Founder, Now Movement

It was with a bruised heart that I learned of the vile carnage that terrorists inflicted on our country in Kumba today. Children in search of knowledge killed and mutilated in cold blood in their school. I strongly condemn this devilish act which must not go unpunished. The authors are known, their accomplices and those who maintain this dirty war too. The protection of our schools by the Security & Defense Forces is an imperative that should have been set up before the schools reopened. Without effective and immediate protection, it is unthinkable that school resumption in the NW & SW will be effective under the current circumstances. The government must take its responsibilities. We must continue our fight to end this war. May their souls rest in peace and our prayers go out to those who are still fighting between life and death as well as to all the families of the victims.

Hon Joshua Osih, First National Vice President, Social Democratic Front party

What Happened In Kumba

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