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Lawyer Files Habeas Corpus For Release Of Buea Pidgin News Caster

The Defense Counsel of the imprisoned Pidgin news host for a Buea based channel, CMTV, Barrister Edward Lyonga Ewule, has filed a habeas corpus application, demanding for the immediate release of his client, Samuel Wazizi, CNA has gathered.

Journalists in Buea confirmed that the TV host at CMTV, Samuel Wazizi, who was arrested last early August by elements of the Muea 3rd District Police Station, was later transferred to the 21St Motorised Infantry Battalion under very obscure circumstances.
“Barrister Edward Lyonga Ewule, counsel for the accused made another appearance at the Muea Police Station to establish the then state of affairs in the case proceedings. As he puts it, he was informed by the investigator that the case had far developed and Samuel Wazizi would be transferred to the South West Judicial Police. Pre-emptively, the counsel surfaced at the announced venue in wait for the transfer of his client. After waiting for unbearable long hours, he was shocked, awed and bemused when he called back the Muea police station and was informed that the case file of the accused was dully destined for the South West Judicial Police but some men in uniform appeared at the police station heralding high instructions from administrative authorities to the effect that Wazizi should be transferred to the dreaded 21ème BIM.” Kum Paul said.

“Having waited for long hours, the lawyer, as he put it, got to the Chief of South West Judicial Police who concurred he was waiting for the Muea police station case file. It is reported that even the chief of the judicial police was stunned by the information that Wazizi had been taken to the Motorised Infantry Battalion who by our findings from various legal minds and police agents, have no investigative character in a case neither are they supposed to have cells for regular detention. Other quarters even pointed to the fact that the BIM is more accustomed to corporal punishment which suggests that he could be under severe torture. By the time we left the headquarters of the judicial police, the counsel, Bar Edward Lyonga Ewule, resiliently stayed back to establish other finest issues in the case.”

Kum Paul who was with the Defense Counsel wrote that “The submission is intended to cause the 21st Militarised Infantry Battalion to make his client who has been held incommunicado for one week, available for a court proceeding averting the journalist’s illegal detention at a military unit which has no investigative character. In effect the writ requires that Wazizi be brought before a judge or into court, especially to secure his release unless lawful grounds are shown for his detention.”

The Committee to Protect Journalists, CPJ, has called on his release without conditions.

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