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Just In-Dr Samuel Ikome Sako Is New Acting Interim President of The ‘Federal Republic of Ambazonia’

Abuja, Nigeria-Sunday February 4, 2018-10:40 PM Local Time(Cameroon News Agency) The ‘Federal Republic of Ambazonia’, now has a new Acting Interim President, Dr Samuel Ikome Sako, the Communication Secretary, Chris Anu has announced.

The announcement which has been circulated on social media comes exactly one month since the abduction of the entire cabinet of the group fighting for the restoration of the State of former West Cameroon, called today Ambazonia.

The Acting President will be assisted by Milton as Vice.

Dr Samuel Ikome Sako is a Securities Trade Consultant in the USA . He is the  President/CEO Powerhouse Foundation Inc. USA 2011. A Civil Society Leader since 1998, Columnist – 1992-2000.

President Emeritus Community Humanitarian Emergency Board International – Cameroon/Bangui Central Africa Republic (Working in collaboration with the United Nations Co-ordination for Humanitarian Affaires – OCHA) – since 2008, President FBI/ Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary 2013, International Conference Speaker – Many Countries since 2008.

Dr Samuel Ikome AIP, Middle

Dr Samuel Ikome Sako has Degree in BA Languages, M.A. Restorative Justice, ThD Biblical Counseling

Field Of Study(Theological Studies)

He is a Christian Counselor, Ordained Minister, CEO, Author, Conference Speaker, Christian political Advocate and a Humanitarian Volunteer.

It is believed he will pilot the activities of the Interim government till the release of Sissiku Ayuktabe and others.

The whereabouts of the the Interim Government, 12 in number is not known despite the fact that Government has announced their presence in Yaounde, Pro-Independence leaders have asked to see a video footage of them before they believe.

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