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Indeed, Prophet Ndifor Is No More

A few minutes before midday on Saturday, May 16, 2020, Science, declared him dead, religion said that was not possible. The Doctor who declared Prophet Franklin Ndifor, left the Bonaberi residence of the Overseer of Kingship International. A close political colleague and President of the PURS party, Serge Espoir Matomba announced on his Facebook page the death of the 2018 Presidential election candidate.

As people began to troop in, following multiple posts on blogs, websites and even from citizen journalists, the family said the man who became famous after cutting a historical tree in his native Bafut, was not dead. Like Jesus Christ resurrected Lazarus, the family was hopeful that Prophet Frank as he is fondly called will get up. But as even approached, the state used force to break into the house, retrieve the corpse, and buried at the Koto Bass cemetery in Bonaberi.

That Saturday morning, alerted on the situation, security forces besieged the compound. Efforts to get the corpse for burial were fruitless as family members resisted. Christians of his Kingship Ministry aslo stood against claims their prophet was dead. 

They requested the assistant Divisional Officer of Douala 4, the Mayor and security officials to give them till Sunday May 17, 2020 with hope he will rise. They had even called for a pastor from Buea to come pray according to sources.

By 7pm, order was given for Police break into the compound and retrieve the corpse. Health personnel all dressed in anti COVID-19 wears, went inside, and retrieved his corpse. Some family members were arrested while others who resisted were brutalised

The anti-riot police deployed on the scene remained outside to take care of the Christians who since morning had been chanting hopeful praises.

The corpse was wrapped and conveyed in tight security convoy to the Kotto Bass cemetery in Bonaberi where a grave was already dug in the day for his burial.

The cause of his death is not clear, while medical Doctors talk of COVID-19, family, Christians, and friends claimed he was poisoned in Yaoundé where he went few days before his demise.

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