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Human Rights Defenders To Drag Interior Minister To Court

The Network of Human Rights Defenders in Central Africa, REDHAC, will drag Paul Atanga Nji and the government of Cameroon to court for accusing them of collecting money to sabotage Cameroon, the Executive Director of the rights group, Maximilienne Ngo Mbe, has said. Other NGOs, CNA learnt will be addressing the issue. The Minister’s outing even against the UN shows how the civilian rulers in Cameroon are ruling the country like military juntas.

In a press conference held in Douala on Tuesday, March 10, 2020, REDHAC Executive Director also said that they will not submit their report as requested by the Interior Minister.

Maximilienne said should anything happen to REDHAC or any member of her NGO, Paul Atanga Nji will be held responsible.


REDHAC’s reaction comes a few hours after the General Manager of Equinoxe Television, Severin Thcounkeu told Atanga Nji to back off because he is neither their boss nor their regulatory agency.

Cyrille Bojiko of Radio Balafon said they remain an impartial media in the treatment of information. He expresses surprise how the President of the National Communication Council in 2018 congratulated his media organ for good coverage of the 2018 Presidential elections but in 2020, Interior Minister is tagging them with Radio Mille Collines.

The MINAT boss had said that NGOs in Cameroon have collected the sum of FCFA 5 billion to destabilize Cameroon. He also warned media accusing them of supporting Ambazonia separatists.

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