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How The Returnees Project Is Connecting Persons Globally, Despite COVID-19 Drawbacks

By E. Nadesh

Amidst the glitches provoked by the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Returnees Project Inc. has remained resilient in its mission to promote the exchange of mutual valuable resources amongst people. Since March 2020, the project has through its Facebook page and other online platforms educated members and the public on various ways they can take advantage of the shutdown while staying safe.

The team’s head, Miranda OBEN, IT Engineer based in Germany and professional presenter (, hosts educative Facebook live sessions with medical experts, Educationists, Leaders, CEOs, Influencers, Visionaries from various walks of life on topics that contribute positively to conquering the pandemic.

According to her, the pandemic shouldn’t be a reason for the project and team to lag behind, but a period to leverage technology and continue with the great work they have been doing since 2016. “The Returnees is about connecting people no matter the circumstances, so COVID-19 shouldn’t be a barrier when we have platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, Zoom and what have you”, she added.

The timely nature of the initiative has captured the admiration of most members and even those who haven’t been part of the project-Viewers of the live sessions have appreciated both the guests and the enriching topics through which they exchange ideas and have a chance to network online during the prolonged lockdown. Their Facebook likes; comments and shares have been able to prove that digitally we can still travel the world and impact lives daily!

Which topics have been covered and by whom?

So far, the project has hosted over 20 live sessions with medical doctors, social media influencers, leadership experts, music directors, makeup artists, engineers, digital marketers, lawyers amongst the guests. Some of the topics covered include:

1. Covid-19: Infection, propagation and our ultimate weapon against the coronavirus by Senior Physician; Oberarzt Dr. T.J. Formambuh. Specialist in Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine & Intensive care; Germany.

2. How to remain productive during the lockdown (The impact of one and great success stories) by Mr Roland Kwemain. He is the founder of Go Ahead Africa, an NGO that focuses on building the leadership skills of young Africans; Cameroon.

3. The pandemic and the role of the media, by Arrey Bate , a Cameroonian blogger and an internationally recognized journalist.

4. COVID-19 and the alternative ways to boost our health by Gabriele Zillmer, a holistic health practitioner and nutritionist; Denmark

5. Using skills and talents to impact the world by Asheri Shudzeka, 1st PRIZE winner in Skills & Talents Contest during the lockdown; Canada.

To watch more of these trailblazing live videos with Isha Sesay, fmr CNN anchor as special guest coming up in the days ahead amongst others; visit the Returnees Project Inc Facebook page here.

About the Returnees Project Inc.

The Returnees Project ( is an organisation that brings together entrepreneurs, from home and abroad to network and contribute to mutual growth. The project came to the limelight because of the disconnect between the diaspora and home-based change drivers. It comes as a means to help entrepreneurs, educationists, entertainers, businessmen and women abroad connect with those at home and help citizens who have moved back home from different countries to network with each other as they reintegrate in their motherland. 

Believing in being an inspiration, and with a mission to become an integral platform for the seamless integration of the nation’s Diaspora and its home-based citizens and affiliations, the members and partners globally located, share their success stories and challenges via documentaries for others to emulate.  

Project members have had annual meetings since its birth in 2016. Every December, those in the diaspora come home to their respective countries for networking with their peers at home. The 5th edition of the annual event will take place on December 18th, 2020, at GICAM, Bonanjo, Douala Cameroon.
Established December 16th 2016, the Returnees Project has registered branches in the UK, Germany, Cameroon, USA and other parts of the world with Miranda OBEN as Founder and President and members in 11 countries of the diaspora.

Tune in daily at 6pm (GMT+1) Cameroon time on the Facebook Page:

The Returnees Project Inc.

Whatsapp: +237-699-989-474

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