How D&J Consulting intends to help Businesses succeed

“If you are not making money yet, paying taxes and employees, then you are not a CEO. Moreover, D&J Consulting will be a successful company only when our clients start making profits” Magneing Dorothy Jingwa, CEO of D&J Consulting.

“I have met a lot of young people who have good ideas but have the phobia to take a bold step to invest and build their businesses. They keep on spending money attending seminars, listening to motivational speakers who keep on telling them unreal stories.

“Others have companies with all the capital and resources but are still stagnant without any profits. So I decided to create D&J consulting to  help develop and monetize their businesses hand over to them to manage.”

Magneing Dorothy, one of the most results-oriented and famous marketers in Cameroon has launched a Business consulting company in Buea South West Region, Cameroon.

 D&J Consulting is a company that has been launched to help Entrepreneurs, Businesses, and Startups monetize their products and services stressfree.

Located at the same building with Tim Bookshop Great soppo, Buea, the Business growth centre has been equipped with qualified staffs to give clients the necessary exposure and growth they need. 

 During an interview with the founder, CNA gathered, the company was launched with 2 clients already on the waiting list who had paid their full consulting fee, just waiting to enjoy the professional services. It hows reliable and needed the company is. it is actually first of its kind. 

  Services Offered at D&J Consulting

1)  Business Development

This is geared towards helping startups, small and medium-size businesses who have the capital, ideas and other resources but are stagnant and not making profits. Once you partner with D&J consulting, you explain your idea and vision, the company starts from scratch by doing your marketing research, feasibility studies, branding, business registration, staff employment etc. Same for those who want to have a business presence both off and online.

This service is also for persons who have money but do not know what to invest in. D&J Consulting can advise you on businesses to venture in, set up the stage for you and hand over to you.

2).   Event Management

This service debunks the notion of “The only way to manage a good event is to use much money.” At D&J consulting, the clients present their budget and D&J works with it and not vice versa. This minimizes event stress. Our services cut across organising weddings, seminars, training, shows, competitions and more.

3). Business Negotiations

Those with business organizations who are unable to seal deals will benefit from this. D&J Consulting through business negotiations aids those who are unable to convince investors to fund them. With the case of startups who do not know how to lobby, D&J will approach potential partners and funders on their behalf and help them win and sign the deals.

How to get to D&J Consulting

You can email them via

Also call/WhatsApp 676 39 93 46

Visit them on Faceboook

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