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Hon. Osih Wants Gov’t To Ban EU Expatriates From Entering Cameroon

The member countries of the Schengen area have just decided that nationals of certain countries are prohibited from entering their territory. They also mentioned that every 15 days, this list could be updated. It is their absolute right to isolate themselves or to discriminate against nationals of countries which may be allowed to travel to their countries on the grounds that they believe they risk bringing a new wave of COVID19 contamination.
Looking at this list, Cameroon, is one of these countries. This clearly means that no compatriot, even with a visa, can, until further notice, enter one of the countries of the Schengen area.

By virtue of the sacrosanct principle of reciprocity, no national of the Schengen countries should also be allowed to enter Cameroon during this prohibition period, regardless of their diplomatic or health status.

We cannot be victims of a virus introduced to us from the Schengen area and pay the price of its consequences. Worse still, these countries act as if they have lessons to give when they should have humbly put themselves in synergy with our local actors to better manage the COVID19 crisis in order to save lives in the Schengen area and in Cameroon. This is unacceptable.

As a Member of Parliament, I call on the President of the Republic to take his responsibilities and enforce or cause to be enforced the sacrosanct diplomatic principle of reciprocity vis-à-vis the countries of the Schengen area . The President of the Republic has a duty to take up his responsibilities and impose our sovereignty.

Hon. Joshua OSIH

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