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Having Problems To Travel? Relax, Liberty Travel Ltd Offers Reliable, Cheap And Comfortable Flights

Liberty Travel Ltd is an ultimate flight expert in travel round the world with lots of experience in the industry. Our strong reputation and long-term exclusive contracts with all major airlines, allows us to provide you with the best flight deals to any country.

                                                                                                 Our Modern Office in Buea

We pride ourselves for being able to match low airfares with the most convenient routes and no complex International itinerary is ever too difficult for us to handle. Liberty travel Ltd will make sure you have the best seat arrangements, minimum stopovers and a journey as pleasant as it can possibly be.

                                                                                     Our ever present staff are there to serve you

We’re open 24/7, so don’t hesitate to call us now to request a price quote for your next flight. Besides English, our travel agents will answer your call-in pidgin English and French to make cooperation with Liberty Travel Ltd 100% hassle-free.


We also offer International Admissions

Car Rentals

Real Estate

Hotel Reservations 


Travel with us.

Contacts: (+237) 678 831 124, 677 778 507

Buea, South West Region,


                                                                                                Liberty Travel Ltd

                                                                     Reliable, heap and most comfortable flights.

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