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Gov’t Seals FINEX Voyage For Killing Gendarme Over 100 FCFA Toilet Services

The State has shutdown the Douche Mounicipale Douala branch of FINEX Voyage Travel Agency, after agency workers beat Gendarme element, Armel Lipembe to death early Thursday, July 23, 2020. The victim dressed in mufti, had just used the toilet and was billed FCFA 100 but he told the workers that he was coinless. Attempting to take further steps, he was beaten to death by a group of cleaners. Many have been arrested for questioning.

His colleague with whom he returned from the Southwest region, is receiving treatment in a Douala hospital, littoral region.

A CCTV Camera shows that more than six men were involved in the mob justice.

The incident has sparked debate as to why travel agencies with the huge sums of money collected as fare especially the VIP , will still ask passengers to pay before using the toilet to relieve themselves.

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