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Former Vision 4 Director, Ernest Obama Arrested

Gendarmes in Yaoundé have arrested former Director of Vision 4, a Yaoundé based Channel, Ernest Obama. The man who is known to have called for the complete eradication of Anglophones was arrested in front of Vision 4 barefoot on Thursday, June 18, 2020. The exact reasons for his arrest are not known but it is alleged he mismanaged funds while serving as Director of Vision 4 TV.

Mr Obama is noted for his outings on the ongoing armed conflict in the northwest and southwest regions. He once said in Febraury that Soldiers were not responsible for her massacre in Ngarbuh on February 14, 20120. But months later, the Ministry of Defense said soldiers were responsible.

Also in one of his televised programs, he called on the government to declare a state of emergency in the two Anglophone regions and conduct a thorough house-to-house search.

In 2018, a former Vision 4 consultant, David Eboutou and his colleague Patrick Sapack were arrested and detained at the Yaounde Central Prison. They had been imprisoned in 2016.

David Eboutou faced 30 months in prison and a fine of 97,500 CFA francs.

Accused by Vision 4 CEO Belinga Amougou of forgery and attempted fraud, David Eboutou was finally convicted of attempted computer publishing fraud.

A Document that implicated Eboutou

After the arrest of on June 18, 2020, David Eboutou wrote a message to Obama on his Facebook page accusing him of plotting the forged case against him.


From where you’re standing, open your eyes and take a good look at this bill…

This invoice contains 05 serious errors:

1- My name’s a mess;
2- The signature is not mine, it was put under my failed name thinking it was mine;
3- The title of Director General is wrong;
4-The date March 08, 2016, I was not in Cameroon;
5- The invoice is a scan. The original was never presented.

The judicial police of Yaounde under the supervision of commissioners EVINA and MOTASSI had established my innocence and yet by a sleight of hand, high-placed phone calls and interventions of several satanists in some positions of power, they will sign a warrant for my provisional detention on June 23, 2016 in the direction of the prison of Kondengui.

You see, my dear Obama, I always thought you were naive…
What’s happening to you, I predicted.
They made you sit on the ground in front of those you ordered yesterday since this morning without shoes… they’re going to humiliate you…

This circle is complicated! It’s vampirising!

I continue to defend my honour in court because my case is still pending and I have entrusted it to my ancestors… My ancestors promised me revenge and that’s why I’m calm…

But I have bad news for you my dear OBAMA.

Here it is:

“All those who conspired to keep me unjustly in prison by faking this false bill and bringing heinous charges against me will all pay in a very violent way. For nature knows how to take revenge and God is nature…I have the list of all the plotters from top to bottom and this list lies under my daddy’s grave in South Cameroon . No one’s gonna make it! Unless there is public repentance! I repeat, no one will get away with this… you will all eat each other and the end of the big manitou will be spectacular. “


David Eboutou
Son of his ancestors!

This is what Ernest Obama said in 2017 “It’s time for government to stop playing with these people (referring to Anglophones). There is no country in the world that jokes with terrorists. Most of them are just making noise on Facebook. (A minority group) in Algeria is also asking for independence. Are people not killed there? They are killed. If it is necessary to restore order and if you are considered a terrorist, you should be killed….It’s time for the government to put in place extremely repressive measures (against Anglophones)…I am also urging the government to decree a state of emergency in the two English-speaking regions of the country…From 7pm, all bars should be closed…there are some Anglophones (in Yaounde) who are happy about what is happing over there (North West and South West)…If a bomb is planted in a school, it will kill the Anglophones themselves…But what is this whole thing about ‘Anglophonie’? All my daughters are in Anglophone schools… We will no longer give room for dialogue with terrorists. Let me address those who want to lead Cameroon. Mr. (Maurice) Kamto, do you want to lead a Cameroon where there is unrest and bloodshed in Bamenda?It’s no longer a problem of Biya. I have seen all of these placards saying “Biya must go”…If the Anglophone part of the country no longer wants Biya, there are elections coming in 2018…they should vote him out..I hold the opinion that all Anglophones are in support of the explosions in Bamenda. Even here in Yaounde, neighbourhoods which are predominantly Anglophone need to be put under surveillance…If they have already started implanting bombs in Douala, then it’s possible they can do same in Yaounde…”

Cameroon News Agency of October 2, 2017

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