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Former Ambazonia Fighters At DDR Centre Do Not Have Identity Cards, They Are Under Technical Arrest– ‘General’ Nambere

The former Ambazonia fighter, Nanje Leonard Nakeri Nambere , popularly called General Nambere has revealed that everyone who has surrendered his weapons and taken to the DDR Centres, is living without an Identity Card. This has made life difficult because they cannot travel to other places. Even if they travel within Cameroon to an extent, none can leave the territory. He cried out to CryOut Television, that this is a major setback in his life since he dropped his weapon.

Read a transcribed version of his outing selected by Cameroon News Agency.

“It is exceedingly difficult for us to have ID cards here. We are following up the procedure but its difficult. I am trying to ask them to at least look at an ID card and give the guys because we are at least under their keeping…if they say rain will fall, rain will fall…I do not have an Identity card.

Theodore Ngomba, Presenter CryOut television

They know why they have not given you an ID, the presenter said.

“I have thought about this and even asked the government they told me to wait, that they will send documents to court for court declarations, then certificates so that we can produce our Identity cards. So obviously it means we are under arrest, right?” He asked a rhetorical question. As I have told you, they said they will look for jobs and give all of us to have something doing. Its about 10 months since that promise was made. Mr Ngomba Theodore, what I have understood is that the Cameroon government is divided into many factions. There are people who do not want the war to end. What I have seen here, there is a lot of debate. Not everyone is happy for peace to return…”

“Mr Ngomba, I will still repeat that I am deeply sorry because any move I take is out of frustration. This is because I am tired of seeing people dying. You even told me not to go back to Ground Zero, but I did, I am sorry. What I thought about it is not what I have seen. What Dr Success told me is not what I am witnessing. The plan was not to meet in Yaoundé. The only good thing which I know that the government has stood by their words is that they have granted us Amnesty, and no one has been killed. But we have gone to meet Atanga Nji and PM, none accepted to meet us.”

“We even went to meet the President of the Pan African president to provide us jobs. I explained that we need food, we need to feed families and other things. He asked us where we are form and I told him that we are form Buea and he said he will send some people to take care of us but he instead sent Policemen to come arrets us. We stayed in cell for 19 hours.”

But members of the DDR Centre have always been on defensive each time news about their conditions is made public.

Nanje Leonard Nakeri Nambere was lastly seen in Kumba, Meme division, a week ago , surrounded by combat ready soldiers and the population watching him talk on about the activities of Ambazonia fighters.

What he also said in the CryOut Tv show

They do not have monthly allowances- it is given sometimes

He meets Mr Elie Smith when he needs money, because he knows that is one of the people who brought me from Nigeria.

He usually sends money to fighters to leave the bush.

He is not permanently secured in Yaoundé

He wants to go back to Nigeria

Audio played on November 5, 2020 on CryOut Television.

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