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February 9 Legislative Election: UDP Files Complaints At Constitutional Council.

The United Democratic Party, UDP, has said the voting process in two electoral constituencies in the North-West was marred by electoral fraud and irregularities. The UDP, one of the political parties which took part in the legislative elections on February 9, 2020, in the North-West region, has petitioned the Constitutional Council for justice to take its course, the party has confirmed.

Indeed, the party deposited on February 11, 2020, two appeals compared to the course of the polling in two electoral districts in the North West region. They concern the electoral districts of Donga- Mantung – Ouest and Boyo, in the North-West region.

Speaking of complaints from the UDP, in the first case (Donga-Mantung ), the applicant requests the cancellation of the results on grounds that the ballots of his party were not distributed in the Misaje district.

In the second (Boyo), UDP seizes the Council for two things: “either for the cancellation of the results or the transfer of the votes to its benefit.

According to the complaining party, the poll took place in the home of a CPDM militant.

The Electoral Code stipulates that the Constitutional Council has the power to hear electoral disputes and the proclamation of election legislative results, within a maximum of 20 days after the close of the poll. The law authorizes the filing of requests latest three days after the vote.

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