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Ambazonia Leader Calls On French Cameroonians To Leave NWSW Regions

The President of the Ambazonia Interim Government, Dr. Samuel Sako has called on all Francophone civil servants working in the North West and South West region to leave the territories because their security cannot be guaranteed. He also advised Anglophones working in the civil service in these regions to resign or go to Yaounde and work from there. Dr. Samuel Sako who was speaking on Wednesday, February 12, 2020, a day after the end of the lockdown which aimed at frustrating the February 9 polls, also warned newly elected Mayors, Councillors and Parliamentarians against setting their feet in the restive regions.

👉🏿Our revolution is alive and well

👉🏿Be prepared to have distractions and distractors …let’s face our only enemy.

👉🏿Attempts to disrupt lockdown did not worry anything

👉🏿Whether it is the shocking use of innocent children in Buea, burning of Kumba market, a rally of faceless sympathizers in Nkambe, the enemy has been unsuccessful

👉🏿All of you who have lost your houses, widows, those languishing in a dungeon or surviving in agony as refugees, we have you at heart.

👉🏿Some people can disappoint the People, but the People cannot disappoint the people

👉🏿The elite have become shadows of themselves…one and indivisible Cameroon choristers…who will go for the special status of half bread…1/10 of the bread.

👉🏿We have tremendously increased the cost of annexation through our successful economic sabotage project…LRC has lost more than FCFA 1000 billion….

👉🏿We should be going into our next phase which is the effective command and control

👉🏿The Ambazonia National Self Defense Council advises all French Cameroon and Southern Cameroon appointees working in Ambazonia should return to Yaoundé for reassignment…Their assignment is as illegitimate as the Biya government that they claim they represent…all his representatives are impostors

👉🏿All the so-called Mayors, Councilors and Parliamentarians should take special notice. Leave our territory or establish your offices in Yaoundé…The Ambazonian government cannot guarantee your security if you chose to ignore this warning.

👉🏿The miracle of today shall not be me writing our achievement…but it shall always be you fighting the enemy to keep our dream alive.

👉🏿We must meet on the table as we did in 1961, as equal parties…our people have decided…I speak only as a messenger when I say so.

👉🏿Our resolve now should be to unite all our restoration forces under one financial and administrative group…A national committee shall be established by trustworthy Ambazonians to lead the project. In an operation, we named “Operation Lava”

👉🏿All Francophones should leave Ambazonia, don’t blame the Ambazonia people, blame Atanga Nji Paul.

👉🏿CAF should desist from planning any football activity in Ambazonia- It will be a reckless idea for any CAF member or person to visit Ambazonia during that period.

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