Fashion Frenzy Hits Buea ,Men Increasingly Getting Involved

By  Mbah Beryl Anwie

Buea, South West Region


Call the name Buea, we begin thinking of high taste and fashion, especially amongst the university folk, women in particular. Looking good is what everyone wants, but in Buea, it is even an obligation as people turn to match the new and beautiful facelift of the town with their outlook.

A smooth and bright face, soft feet and palms, clean and well shaped fingernails, proper hair do, nice dress on, are just some of the things you will need as you glide through the glamour of this university town.

Fashion has taken center stage that, walking along the streets of Molyko (the heart beat of Buea), if one is not an expert mathematician, one will definitely loss count of the number of beauty and fashion shops around.

What is actually interesting and what caught my attention in this part of the story is the increasing number of men who own and operate beauty and fashion shops. They do just everything; from hair to nails, eye lashes and tattoos, from massage to body treatment, sale of ladies dresses, just to name but these.

Joe Shopping Buea

It may be amazing, or say surprising, but you need to see how serious these men go about their daily routine of work like no man’s business.

it is usually said what a man can do a woman can also do, perhaps in this case, what a woman can do, a man can also do and even better.

In an interview I had with a manicure and pedicure specialist in Molyko who calls himself  “Dr Sweet 16″, he says he prefers his job more than anything in this world.

He even said if given another job with a salary of 1million FCFA, he will not accept. About what people say of such men being ‘gays’, Dr Sweet 16 says it’s only a stereotype because as for him, he has a fiancé. jokingly, he says “if someone wants to believe if he is ‘guy’ or not, let that person bring his wife, or if it’s a woman, let her come let me sleep with him, then he will know what exactly I am”

Valerie Shoes

Every woman loves to dress gorgeous. Clothing line is another fast increasing fashion business. From different designs, shapes, colors and what have you. Ivo a Molyko shop owner says the business is booming especially when the University of Buea is operational, where most of his clients come from.

To add, what becomes more amazing and intriguing, and the most fascinating truth is that, customers, especially girls prefer flock these men shops more than they do in women’s shops. Is this concluding the adage that ‘unlike’ or ‘opposite’ forces attract? Speaking to Alice, a regular customer at a man’s manicure and pedicure shop, she says she prefers doing her beauty stuff in men’s cause they are patient and take much care and concern. “They don’t just run over it as a woman will do” Alice said.
In the South West Regional Capital of Buea, the town of the “show-show boys and girls”, fashion remains at the peak. Making a tour there at the weekend you will not in any way be disappointed.


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