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Evaluation 2020: West Regional Governor Says Armed Separatists Encroached Into His Territory

He made the statement on December 28, 2020 while presenting the balance sheet for 2020. Governor Awah Fonka Augustine notes in his remarks that this year has been a challenging one in the West region security-wise with multiple separatists attacks in the region. Such attacks are frequent near Noun, Bamboutous and Menoua that shares boundary with the northwest and southwest regions. In Galim for example, several Gendarmes were killed and guns taken away following a high-level separatist coordinated attack.

In the health domain, the region has been an epicentre of the new coronavirus. The Governor also notes that rural and urban criminality has been a major concern this year. Another issues noted was the handling of Internally Displaced Persons from the restive English speaking regions of Cameroon, which he described as birlliant. The rate of road accidents remains an alarming issue with the recent December 27, fatal accident in Ndikinimiki that left more than 37 dead.

Natural disasters affected the region in 2020 leaving many homeless, dead and frustrated. It also led to the degradation of some road networks.

The West regional administrative head, also outlined some positive aspects of the year 2020 in the region with the reception of the state’s support in the fight against covid-19 which negatively affected businesses in the region. He also notes a positive point the good mastery of the security threats from the English speaking regions of the country. Not forgetting the infrastructural advancements in the region in preparation of the upcoming continental football jamboree.

As recommendations, he called on the population of the West region to keep supporting the Head of State in his realisations and scrupulously respect barrier measures against covid19 pandemic.

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