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Editorial : What Commonwealth SG Needs To Know

Buea, Cameroon-Monday December 18, 2017-8:30 AM Local Time (Cameroon News Agency) The visit of the Secretary General of Commonwealth to Cameroon starting Monday December 18, 2017 comes within the context of fierce battle between Cameroons armed forces and Ambazonia Defense Forces, ADF of Ayaba in Mamfe, South West region which has left many to flee into neighboring Nigeria.


In a twitter post, Rt. Hon Patricia Scotland said she was coming to Cameroon for a five day working visit to meet with authorities and stakeholders to discuss lasting solutions to present challenges the country is facing.

If Cameroon is facing challenges such as Boko Haram, Anglophone Crisis, Dwindling Economy among others, the presence of the SG of the over 50 member State institution, is tilted towards the Anglophone crisis which many say England as the mother of Commonwealth and former colonial master of Southern Cameroon, has much to say.

The CEO of Cameroon News Agency, Nfor Hanson Nchanji had made this point in Geneva, Switzerland during the 10th Minorities Forum on December 1, 2017, urging the United Nations to push England to react and make her stand in the current impasse. He reiterated that the voice of England in the current crisis should not only remain on papers through communiqués but the taking of concrete actions.

Today if the Commonwealth SG is visiting Cameroon, we of Cameroon News Agency think that it is time to tell the truth and shame the devil, time to make review of events, give accurate information, stop brutality, stop massive arrests and killings and concentrate on dialogue, not the cosmetic dialogue orchestrated by CPDM Militants in the two regions recently.

If this dialogue should take place and for peace to return, all groups as suggested by analysts, must be present if not nothing concrete will be arrived at. But there are certain issues the Commonwealth SG must know…


The Naked Truth

That Lawyers started the strike by asking for translation of OHADA law and respect of Bi-Jural system

That after ban on Press Conference and no responds from Presidency, Lawyers embarked on strike action on October 11, 2016.

That  Lawyers were beaten in Buea, tear gassed in Bamenda and molested in kumba in other sub divisional head quarters.

That Teachers started a sit-down strike which turned bloody last year.

That CPDM militants worsened the situation by insisting to March in Bamenda on December 8 which led to another bloody scene.

That dialogue on January 13 was never successful in Bamenda after Teachers and Lawyers became target for arrest.

That Government ministers have helped to fuel the crisis by calling Anglophones names and saying there was no Anglophone problem.

That Anglophones have been living in fear, tortured, arrested and imprisoned, intimidated, tagged secessionists, sidelined, beaten by soldiers who instead receive a good job message in the name of ” they acted in self defense”(Case of University of Buea)

Also she needs to know that in retaliation there have been school boycott, killing of security forces, court boycott, burning of schools and markets, ghost towns, creation of several groups and the trumpet for a new Nation called the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

Until the naked truth is told, presented to the visiting Commonwealth SG, things will continue to fall apart.

We of Cameroon News Agency believe in positive, constructive and elaborate round-table dialogue where there will be no head boy but people seeking lasting solutions to a chronic crisis.


Are We Together?



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