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MY EDITORIAL Act 8: Can Anything Good Come From Cameroon?

30 MAY, 2015

Can anything good come out from this country? How can it be, when in spite of warnings and even sanctions top security officers still have the courage to steal donations made by an already downcast and poor people in support of their army at war against a terrorist group, the Boko Haram in the Far North Region of the country?

Just last week president Paul Biya sacked col. Mbilla Ernest, Commander of the 4th Gendarmerie Region and Lt Col. Nkoumou Nkoumou Zacharie, Commander of the 4th Battalion and support squad, all serving in the Far North Region, for tempering with donations meant for our soldiers. How can this be!

Can anything good come out from this country? How can it be; when the SDF that claims to have brought press freedom to the country treats the same press with scorn and disdain during its 25th anniversary? Yes, in those days, the private press was considered all opposition; they will cover all SDF events without going through any procedure of protocol and accreditation. It was in those days — Now , the SDF is a BIG party?; nearly as big as the ruling CPDM. After all, do some people not even consider it a close bed fellow of Paul Biya’s CPDM? Like forces don’t repel each other. They can now wine and dine at the detriment of friends of old. How can this be!

Can anything good come from this country? How can it be; when its president has inscribed absenteeism as one of the cardinal points of his diplomacy? For once no Cameroonian would have staked against the fact that President Paul Biya would be present at the swearing in ceremony of the new President of Nigeria, Gen. Mohammadu Buhari on May 29, 2015. But Helas! It came to pass! Just as was the case with the inaugural of Omar Bongo Odimba of Gabon, Catherine Samba Panza of the Central African Republic or the funeral of emblematic Nelson Mandela of South just to name a few, Cameroon was once more absent at the landmark event.

Can anything good come from Cameroon? How can it be; when for eight months now the Anglophones of this country have been begging for space to exercise their human and inalienable rights and it seems is no one is the inch that worried?

Can anything good come out from Cameroon? Just come and see; you will meet a peace loving people, whose patience was being pushed to dangerous limits.


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