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Deportation Of Cameroon Asylum Seekers: How Gov’t Stole The Show, Claimed Diplomatic And Political Victory

The bottom-line in the repatriation of dozens of Cameroon asylum seekers from the United States is that their claims were rejected. Those whose claims have been accepted are now living in the US. But because Cameroon government is under spyglass in an unending armed conflict in the Anglophone regions, they used the opportunity, thanks to a lobbying firm in the US, to ask the US government to send those whose claims were rejected. The government’s intention is to show the whole world that peace is gradually returning to the northwest and southwest regions.

Some of these asylum seekers crossed over several countries to finally reach the US destination, spent months and years in their procedure.

This had led to a protest where thousands decried poor living conditions. A source told CNA that the strike action carried out angered authorities at Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE, who later relocated majority to States like Louisiana with strict immigration laws.

When their claims were rejected, the Cameroon government saw this as an opportunity to work with US Immigration authorities, claiming that the Asylees had no reason to leave Cameroon because things are getting back to normalcy.

Government says they collaborated with Diplomatic services in restrict respect of norms. Four medical personnel and members of security services were onboard the aircraft.

This was a well calculated master plan by Cameroon to show the whole world that corporation with Cameroon and the US is on good foot and the country facing no danger for human habitation.

US Congressmen and Amnesty International have said Cameroon is not a fertile ground to repatriate asylees, fearing that their lives and liberty could be in danger.

The government is not only claiming victory but also sending a warning signal to other persons using the conflict to claim asylums that they can do and undo. But how possible is it for one country to collaborate with another to repatriate asylees when stakeholders are crying foul?

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