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Cameroonian Deportees Arrive Douala

Cameroonian Deportees Meet Littoral Governor The Governor of Littoral Region, Samuel Dieudonne Ivaha Diboua, the Littoral regional delegation for national security, the armed forces, medical team, and other dignitaries have met with dozens of Asylum seekers deported from the United States of America.

They received and counselled them, conducted COVID-19 tests where they will be handed over to the Douala Immigration service. Each of them will be assigned to an investigator, as reported alleged that some of them are having criminal records as some names were starred by the American Immigration Custom Enforcement department.

CNA gathered from sources that a Gendarme element who absconded to the US has been identified and there are speculations many uniform men could be identified. Buses from the Douala City Council have arrived at the airport, but the fate of the deportees are not known because questions like where and how will they be treated remains unanswered.

Despite calls from Congressmen and Amnesty International for the US Immigration department to halt the departure of dozens of asylum seekers, the Immigration Custom Enforcement, ICE, did not heed to the call. The asylees arrived Cameroon at 2pm local time.

The Asylum seekers accused the US of forceful deportation. They allegedly sprayed them with irritating water and forced them to sign their deportation documents. Documents described by congressmen as invalid.

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