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Defense Ministry Says Artisanal And Not Suicide Bomb Blast Killed Nigerians In Far North

Colonel Cyrille Atonfack Nguemo , in charge of communication in the Ministry Defense, has said it was at about 2:30 pm Monday, January 6, 2020, that two little boys went to the Ngala periodic market at the Nigerian side of the bridge over River El Beid, between Gambaru ( Nigeria) and Fotokol ( Cameroon) to sell the grenades before it exploded killing 9 Nigerians and left 5 Cameroonians injured.

“These boys were manipulating a grenade they found certainly in the sand of the locality, and they decided to sell the grenade to the highest bidder so as to make some money.

It is during this reckless manipulation that the grenade exploded, causing deaths and desolation amongst those present at the scene.” Col. Cyrille Atonfack Nguemo said.

“Investigations and eye-witnessed account with the survivors of the incident proof with certainty that it was not a suicide bomb attack.” Added Col. Cyrille Atonfack Nguemo.

The statistics of this tragic incident were given as follows :

– 9 deaths seemingly all
of Nigerian Nationality ;

– 21 Nigerians wounded ;

– 5 Cameroonians wounded.

All the wounded according to the MINDEF personnel were evacuated to health facilities at the borders precisely at Medical Centers in Fotokol in Cameroon and Gambaru in Nigeria.

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