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CPP Endorses Cardinal Tumi’s AGC In Buea

DOUALA,Cameroon-Thursday August 2, 2018-2:15 PM Local Time(Cameroon News Agency) The under fire President of Cameroon People’s Party, Edith Kah Walla has applauded the announced Anglophone General Conference convened by Cardinal Tumi, describing it as a wonderful idea towards peace building.

CPP Statement About AGC

The CPP welcomes the initiative of a third All Anglophone Conference convened jointly by His Eminence Christian Cardinal Tumi, Reverend Babila George Fonchang, Imam Tukur Mohammed Adamu and Imam Alhadji Mohammed Aboubakar, the organization of which will be coordinated by Simon Munzu.

This conference is a good thing insofar as it reflects a willingness to dialogue in order to contribute to the resolution of the deep crisis that has now turned the Nord West and South West regions into a civil war zone. This decision to act, to face a critical and complex situation, to try to find a way out instead of giving in to the temptation of despair as we face the daily escalation of violence, is commendable.

On the one hand, it is initiated in a context where the population remain hostage of extreme violence, violence which creates a lot of misery, victims and enormous losses.

On the other hand, it is undoubtedly a beacon of hope for all who are thirsty for peace and a step toward peaceful resolution of this conflict whose causes go back to the mismanagement of our colonial heritage, the non-application of our various fundamental laws and persistent bad governance.

The CPP congratulates this initiative of dialogue between Cameroonians of the North West and South West regions, as a prelude to a national dialogue that includes all Cameroonians.

The CPP shares the urgent need to create conditions for a Dialogue. This means reaching a ceasefire, taking steps to ease the tensions and starting the long road to justice, truth and reconciliation.

The CPP encourages the promoters of this dialogue to persevere despite the obstacles. Criticisms will arise and they must be taken into account in order to succeed in this consultation. However, the conveners must forge on with determination. Those who want peace have to be more courageous and determined than those who in cynicism or despair feel at ease in chaos.

The CPP is convinced that this situation of profound crisis and civil war raises the question of rebuilding the nation in terms of its constitution, institutions, governance, wealth distribution and unity. The CPP is convinced that no tinkering, half-baked or superficial solution can stop the country’s ongoing implosion.

The CPP , as proposed by the Stand Up For Cameroon movement of which it is a member, is convinced that only a democratic political transition will allow us to deal in depth with the fundamental problems that this critical situation has brought to the surface. The CPP, through its militants and sympathizers from all over the country, will contribute to any initiative whose goal is to accelerate the rebuilding of the nation of Cameroon for the good of all its sons and daughters.

Instead of complaining about darkness, let us light a candle!

Let us act together for a real national dialogue that is inclusive, participatory, sovereign, public and facilitated by Cameroonian

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