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COVID-19 Has Exposed Our Weak Health System And Fragile Economy- Kebi Valery

The Corona Virus has not only come to expose the poor state of our health service system but also to unmask the fragility of the state of our economy.

  1. While other countries were adopting obligatory quarantine measures, we were giving voluntary self-isolation advice for individuals traveling from Corona Virus hit countries.
  2. While other countries were busy setting up isolation centers out of major cities, we were busy allocating Hotels across our cities to accommodate suspected cases.
  3. While other Countries are allocating Billions of Dollars, our officials are compelling local traders to contribute 1,000frs each, for the fight against the Virus.
  4. While other countries are targetting the long term effects of the Virus, we are targetting short term remedies.
  5. While other Countries are legislating to make policies that make provisions for the basic necessities for their citizenry, we are telling our citizens to stay indoors and wash their hands.

Given the current state of our health service sector and the fragile state of the economy, how prepared are we to efficiently confront and combat the Corona Virus?

According to “le Zenithe”, Between 2005-2010, Cameroon registered 2488 Health evacuations abroad.

2008—-70 evacuations that cost the state 500 million.
2011—–190 evacuations that cost the state 2 Billions.
2012—-246 evacuation cases that cost the state 3 Billion.
2014—-213 evacuation cases.
2015—-2020, more than 1000+ evacuation cases. Most of these individuals are Government officials, DGs, Members of government, their families and friends.

These are funds that could be used to build and equip world-class Hospitals and other health infrastructure to cater for the health needs of ordinary citizens.

These funds could be used to establish a scientific disease control centers with professional scientists and technicians whose services we could count on at such dire moments.

These funds could as-well be used to establish a disaster management and control center that prescribes preventive measures and control strategies when we are in such moments of uncertainty.

Apart from the advisory from the WHO, I think we are already in a helpless situation.

By Kebi Valery N, Advocate for Democracy and Good Governance

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