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COVID-19 : Buea Council Divides Great Soppo Market Into Two To Create Space

By Nadesh E.

The Great Soppo market situated opposite Cameroon Opportunity Industrialization Centre, COIC, in Buea, has been split into two parts by the Buea Council. This is in a bid to fight the Covid-19 virus that has been confirmed in Cameroon with more than 300 cases. The old market has therefore been reopened.

Old market now for clothes vendors

Traders selling foodstuff are now at the former Soppo market, opposite 1st Trust building. Here, you can get all the foodstuff and fruits you want.

Meanwhile, those selling clothes, groceries and shop owners are maintaining their space opposite adjacent to the OIC.

Those still looking for space

It’s quite difficult for traders to get space at the new market, some of them seem confused as to how they can go about acquiring space.

An onion vendor at the new market tells this CNA reporter he met council officials before he was assigned the space he is currently occupying.

Others say they didn’t meet anyone to get the space they are occupying. “…You just need to fight your war…”

While others are selling already, some are still cleaning the space they wish to occupy.

To aid the washing of hands, the Council has provided a can filled with water and a bar of soap at the entrance of the market for denizens to wash their hands.

Running water provided by the Buea Council

As usual, we have council law enforcement officers at the entrance of each market ensure everything moves on smoothly.

The council officials have been sharing space since the market was reopened. Traders who have written their names stand on a line the officials share as the names appear.

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