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CNA Exclusive: Barrister John Nsoh Visits Detained Anglophone Leaders

YAOUNDE,Cameroon-Saturday June 30, 2018-7 PM Local Time(Cameroon News Agency) Senior Barrister Fru John Nsoh, Member of Cameroon Bar Association and member of the Defense team of Sisiku Ayuktabe and Co, has told Cameroon News Agency in an exclusive interview, that he was part of a team of Lawyers who met the leaders at the State Defense Secretariat, SED in Yaoundé Thursday June 28, 2018, confirming that the leaders are alive.

Shortly after landing in Douala from Yaounde, the vocal Lawyer known for handling “hot” files such as Mbanga Pongo Plane crash, Esseka Train accident and now Anglophone leaders, Barrister Fru John Nsoh met with CNA Publisher, Nfor Hanson Nchanji, and they had a short chat.

Though he did not give details of the meeting, he told CNA that family members are the main clients, that no Francophone Lawyer is part of the Defense Counsel, that Sisiku and Co have remained determined in their struggle. He had earlier told Canal 2 English that they met only 10 of the 47 brought from Nigeria.


CNA: Barrister Can you confirm to us that you have set eyes on Sisiku Ayuktabe and Co in Yaoundé?

Barrister John Nsoh: We saw the leaders; some members of the defense team saw the leaders.

CNA: When exactly and who are the members?

Barrister John Nsoh: I will not tell you who the members are until we have finished constituting the defense.

CNA: Okay, but you saw the leaders, when did you see the leaders?

Barrister John Nsoh: On Thursday

CNA: How many of them did you see and can you confirm information given by Interior Minister that they are doing well?

Barrister John Nsoh: I am not going to tell you that but how do you expect someone who has been kept incommunicado for 7 months running and still think that they are well. All I can say is that they are alive and we thank God that they are alive.

CNA: What next?

Barrister John Nsoh: We are constituting the defense, once they finish the interrogation, the file will go to the State Commissioner, he is the only one who can decide whether the case should be sent to court or not. If there is no case to answer, they will keep the fight aside and declare nullity.

CNA: Tell me, how did you get the opportunity to see the leaders; did the Government invite you over?

Barrister John Nsoh: No

CNA: What happened?

Barrister John Nsoh: I cannot tell you now, the first thing I can tell you is that the family members are the major clients but I cannot tell you who else is interested in the defense team, thank you.


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