Cameroon-Technology : Online Subscription-ZENITHE Insurance Goes Digital

World leading Insurance Company ZENITHE INSURANCE has unveiled its new mode of getting closer to the customer with just one click, called e-insurance.

Presenting the project to the Press in Douala recently the General Manager of ZENITHE INSURANCE, NDECHAM Maxwel said the blue print project is geared at bringing its customers closer to them wherever they are at any moment.

Why e-Insurance

ZENITHE INSURANCE has discovered that for the past years  the level of subscription to an Insurance company in Cameroon has been very low, with the level of penetration only at 2%. Despite the need for people to subscribe for protection of goods and lives, many persons turn to shy away for diverse reasons including the concentration of insurance companies in urban areas, non adaptation of products and suspicious atmosphere between insurer and the client who always thinks that his Insurer plays double games with him and never pays what is required.

The new ZENITHE e-insurance platform will thus help bring clients closer to the insurer and break the barrier between them. The client will not only have to insure anywhere in the world, he will be able to have exchanges with customer service on any issues raised and he or she will remain in connection with his insurer.

With ZENITHE e –insurance, the client is able to subscribe, pay subscription fee through a bank card; PayPal or Mobil money, declare, follow and ensure payment of indemnities of incidents online without any physical contact with the insurer.

Online subscription is done with just one click on

Distinguished since 10 years as the best Insurance Company in Cameroon, ZENITHE INSURANCE is Insurance and Reinsurance Company recognized by the CIMA Code since 2006, which had by the end of 2016 had FCFA 9 billion and in its 10 years existence in Cameroon, it has compensated clients with over FCFA 30 billion.


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