Cameroon: Humanitarian NGOs Urge Warring Actors To Ease Humanitarian Access In NWSW

A group of international Non-Governmental Organisations, NGO, have appealed on Separatists and Government forces in the northwest and southwest regions to relax their grip on major areas, so as to ease humanitarian access to more than 700, 000 people in dire need.

The NGOs have maintained that their activities are based on humanity, impartiality, neutrality and independence.

“We do call on all parties and stakeholders to maintain and facilitate swiftly our access to all affected population across these regions in order to save civilian lives and recall that humanitarian staff and personnel must be protected in all circumstances in accordance with international humanitarian law”, they stressed.

This comes weeks after the UN Coordinator in Cameroon, Allegra sounded an alarm on continuous attacks on humanitarian actors by both parties. She said ghost towns and roadblocks were recurrent among the Ambazonia separatists while government forces withheld humanitarian kits for days delaying delivery.

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