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Cameroon Government To Encourage Local Consumption of Cosmetic Goods

Enacted and already operational, the 2020 finance bill gives way for Cameroonian producers and manufacturers to excel in their domains. Bleaching, which is highly condemned by medical experts but, coveted by several Cameroonian women, might decrease as a 50% tax has been imposed on all imported cosmetics that contain hydroquinone (bleaching agent).

Adding to this fight is the 30% tax instituted onĀ cigarettes and related tobacco products and 25% on video games.

Going by administrative officials, it is a means to fight not to say reduce the entry of health threats in the country. Unlike in 2019, where the finance law, focused on the importation of 2nd hand products with a 12.5% tax.

Henceforth, persons dealing in the sale of wigs, artificial lashes, and brows, etc. Should be aware that the dues have risen.

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