British Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia): A Similitude Of Eritrea, Panacea From The Balkans

By Fichanfie DJ Nkwain Ngamfon* (M.Sc)
University for Peace


Arrangements for the people of former British Southern Cameroons to gain independence by joining their brothers of independent French Cameroun has been a subject of contention for several decades now, with the recent strike of teachers and lawyers having an overwhelming public support in 2016 which has culminated in the demand for unconditional self-determination and civil war. This article seeks to find out reasons why the British Southern Cameroons seek to separate from Cameroun and how the government has responded to such quest. To proffer recommendations, it tries to compare the case of Southern Cameroons with Eritrea which fought
against Ethiopian subjugation

The article recognizes the fact that there are strong grounds for Southern Cameroons to ask for a separation. It also recognizes the realistic reaction of the government, albeit extreme. However, it holds that for there to be a compromise in these two opposing positions, the conflict resolution experts implicated in resolving the crisis could adopt the Dayton Agreements that settled the Bosnia and Herzegovina war to satisfy both parties and ensure a sustained resolution of the crisis.

In the case of the Cameroons, this article proposes the establishment of a confederal structure and proper confidence-building mechanisms among the different segments of society. It recognizes the fact that for there to be a proper resolution of the conflict, the government must take the first step in all honesty to address the root causes which invariably must address the form of State. Anything short of this which produces an end to hostilities would be merely a settlement void of resolution, which will bring about a more devastating consequence once the warring parties have recuperated their “energies.”

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First Published

International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 11, Issue 8, August-2020

About The Author

Fichanfie DJ Nkwain is a doctoral candidate at the United Nations University for Peace, Costa Rica where he focuses on Peace and Conflict Studies. Having been involved in community development activities since the wee years of his University of Buea days, Fichanfie belongs to several National and International Associations with diverse activities ranging from human and environmental rights to governance and conflict resolution.
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