Babubock included in the Reconstruction plan, Villagers fill forms.

Some 150 persons in Babubock have filled forms of the Presidential Plan for The Reconstruction & Development of The North West & South West Regions of Cameroon. Babubock, a clan some 15 KM from Kupe Muanenguba’s capital, Bangem was a victim of the January 14 raid by government forces that left 47 families homeless as a result of their houses razed down due to the Anglophone crisis.

Burnt houses in Babubock

The Presidential Plan for The Reconstruction & Development of The North West & South West Regions announced some months ago has included Babubock in its list.   

The forms filling exercise happened in Babubock, Nguti Sub-Division Kupe Muanenguba Division of the South West Region on Thursday, October 7, 2020, from 7:30 am to 2 pm in Babubock village. The village is classified as one of the most affected areas in the entire decision.

Under the supervision of the Prince of the clan, Ewange Juvet, Forms of various categories were filled;

 -Forms for Rehabilitation of Small Businesses,

-Forms to Support individuals for the issuance of lost documents,

-Forms for Providing Housing Reconstruction Kits to Households,

-Forms for the Supply of farming material & tools to Farmers,

-Forms for the Support for the acquisition of means of locomotion (motorcycles) etc.

Prince Ewange supervising the filling of forms.

I took charge to carry the forms to the village & supervised the filling exercise. It wasn’t an easy task for me. Since the village does not have electricity, meeting up with some of the requirements in the form was difficult. I had to make more than 4 trips to Bangem to make sure we had pictures of houses and passport size photographs of victims. I hope this project will come to past because my people are suffering.

The prince said

Facts the Prince Told CNA About Babubock.

The Gov’t should take note that Babubock is endowed with rich economic activities. Crops cultivated range from cocoa, plantains, cassava, palms, bananas etc.

However, the village lacks basic social amenities such as potable water, electricity with the problem of road being the main cause of poverty.

The enclaved nature of this village has the potential to favor terrorists’ activities in the area. It may serve as a hideout for all deviant activities.

As of now, a kilogram of cocoa is sold at 800 FRS. This has now brought the village back to head-load transportation to the nearest available sales point located about 8km away in searched of better prices.

Babubock road

Some strong- headed bike riders assist the transportation of cocoa as well to the nearest sales point with each 90kg transported cost 10.000 FRS.

The population is therefore pleading with the Gov’t to help disenclave the area with a motorable road first linking the Sub-divisional headquarter, Nguti to the Divisional headquarter-Bangem. This will go a long way to add more meaning to the Presidential Plan for the Reconstruction & Development of the Northwest & Southwest Regions. 

One of the puzzling question asked by the people is: With the good intention of the Gov’t to reconstruct their village, supposed they are called up to come collect reconstruction kits or farming tools either at Bangem or Nguti how are they going to reach Babubock under this kind of road?

No state nurse appointed till date, 10yrs after construction. The health centre although not operational it was considered as a hideout for terrorists by the military. Bullets everywhere. Today the structure is dilapidating.”

Abandoned Health Centre

Many have questioned the seriousness of the reconstruction exercise. CNA sampled the opinions of more than 5 persons who doubted if the reconstruction proper will come to past since most projects in Cameroon always take many years to be accomplished or not done at all.

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