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Ayuktabe’s Call For Collaboration: We Shall Reconcile Within Interim Gov’t, Not Collaborate – Dr Samuel Sako

Since Ambazonia leader and President of Interim Government Care, IG Care, jailed, Sisiku Ayuktabe Julius, called for collaboration among Separatist leaders, many have been voicing their opinions. The President of the Interim Government, Dr Samuel Sako Ikome, has said that he cannot collaborate with himself because there is only one Interim Government.

“First, I want to congratulate all those who are making statements patenting to collaboration. Everyone deserves some recognition for thinking in the right direction. However, let me make this clear. One cannot collaborate with oneself. The concept of collaboration is something that requires; two, three, four or more people to collaborate. Two or more different and separate entities collaborate. So, the problem is probably the audience, the person to whom the message is given. The Interim Government to the best of my knowledge…in all the way we have conducted ourselves in this revolution, there are no two Interim Governments, there is one Interim Government, One cannot collaborate with oneself.” He said.

In an audio message on his Facebook page, he s did not turn down a collaboration with other groups but insisted that for peace to reign between him and Interim Government members in general and Sisiku Ayuktabe, there should be reconciliation and not collaboration.

“If there is any problem within the Interim Government, if some people do not agree with the leadership of the Interim Government at one time or the other; that calls for reconciliation and not collaboration. If the people had withdrawn themselves from the activities of the Interim Government and we think that, it is time for us to hold hands together within the Interim Government to do the work, it calls for reconciliation and not collaboration. If I have to collaborate with anyone that calls himself of the Interim Government, it means that I am endorsing the existence of two and separate Interim Government. Any Collaboration in this sense is unacceptable and count me out.”

And the reconciliation should start with the person who created another Interim Government to dissolve it, he insisted, “For Collaboration to be sincere, it has to be acknowledgement of our sins. Whatever wrong we have done, apologize to each other…Instead of calling for collaboration, we should rather look at everyone in his eyes, we should tell the truth. If I am the one who divided the interim Government, The best thing to do, knowing what you know now. Is to dissolve the Interim Government that you attempted to create. And, for any Activist who cannot tell this truth, you are not being sincere and you are part of the problem. I am ready to collaborate with non-IG entities…If we can agree on what to collaborate for; we may collaborate…that is what we have agreed as Members of the Ambazonia Coalition Team, ACT, to collaborate on negotiation. I am not going to do that for that will be indirectly officializing the separation of the IG that is the prayer of the French, La Republique du Cameroun. Anybody who wants to weaken us will want to see us separate so that they can chose any side to work with.”

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