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AYAH Paul ABINE “Congratulates” His Former Colleagues At Supreme Court for Escaping Paul Biya’s Retirement List

Douala,Cameroon-June 29,2017 – 7:50 am( Cameroon News Agency)The now former Advocate General at Cameroons Supreme Court Chief Justice Ayah Paul Abine has questioned the logic behind his retirement recently by the Higher Judicial Council.

 In an outing on his official Facebook page the President of the Popular Action Party, PAP, who was arrested last January 21,2017 said he is 67 and has gone on retirement while most of his colleagues who are older than him and due retirement are still in active service.

Ayah Paul Writes:

My judicial tsunami did sweep away 16 high – ranking members of the judiciary of retirement age. That ipso facto created room for the junior members of the profession to climb to or towards the apex.

At 66, turning 67 in the coming hours, Ayah wishes to congratulate the following more elderly colleagues of his who, despite their more advanced ages, did miraculously ward off the tsunami:

– Joseph Essomba, aged 80;
– Jean Foumane Akame, aged 78;
– Daniel Mekobe Sone, aged 72;
– Arrey Florence Rita, aged 70.

Their survival was more than just a feat!

All that is reminiscent of the baffling intrigues of life. Some unlucky people see their empires disintegrate before their own very eyes to their utter hopelessness and chagrin. Others plan to build their empires only for them to predecease the emergence of such empires.

I should count myself lucky that the cornerstone to my dream empire has been laid in my lifetime.

Is not it true that about a year ago, Ayah contended that the Supreme Court in its form then could not do justice to litigants of the Common Law jurisdiction? And don’t we have a Common Law department of that court today, at least on paper?

Did I not similarly assert that it was INTOLLERABLE that, in a dual legal system, namely the Common Law and Civil Law, the Supreme Court and all its divisions should be headed exclusively by judges of only one of the systems: the Civil Law?

But truly do we observe today that my senior at the Federal Bilingual Grammer School, Man O’War Bay, and in the profession, His Lordship, Mr Justice Epuli Mathias, heads one of the most prestigious Divisions of the court: the Criminal Division!

Much as those are right steps in the right direction, I still hold tenaciously to the desire that it may please the Most High to grant me the time, the means and the energy to get those steps and more Common Law values and principles enshrined in a constitutional framework.

And so shall it hopefully be as God is good!

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