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Armfully Disarm Them! Another Comedy!

When those who govern become comedians on the space of governance, then other countries have the right to organize real comedy on another nation’s public reality.

They started with a peaceful protest and you armed your soldiers to go fight them and label them as terrorists.
They took up arms to defend themselves and your soldiers continued to burn and loot their homes and sent their families and love ones away. One time happy people now they became misrable beggers in a foreign land and some are now labeled IDPs even in their own relative’s home in your land. They watch how thier homes are burnt and their businesses looted by your soldiers.

Their brave sons decide to arm themselves to fight back. The battle gets tough as your soldiers and their boys all encounter huge human casualties. Then you say its to end the battle.

You create a disarmament, dimobilisation and reintegration commission(DDR). You appoint its members and none come from their own camp. You create the head office in your own part of the country.

Then you buy more weapons and deploy more ARMED soldiers to their own part of the country. Your soldiers continue to shoot and kill even on the same day of creation of your commission.

Then you expect them to drop their arms and come embrace you and kiss you because you are a king and lover of peace.

This is called comedy! But not the kind of comedy which #calvinowallang #OboyComedy #seniorPastor will do to make us laugh, but that which make a whole nation cry and perish.

OOOH LALALA something is wrong somewhere!

Read the effects of DDR in DRC and Cote D’ivoire and other countries and see the effects and also circumstances under which they were created. We can learn from the mistakes of others.

We must not make our own mistakes for learning to take place when evidence exists already of such mistakes.

Ndansi Elvis

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